Saturday, February 29

Audiobook Review: Reality Blurred by Aven Ellis

Reality Blurred (Rinkside in the Rockies #2)Author: Aven Ellis 
Narrator: Elise Arsenault
Title: Reality Blurred
(Rinkside in the Rockies #2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 236 
Published: February 14th 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

He lied to her. Fed her the same lines as he did all the other girls. Instead of proposing, he dumped her on national TV. Would a romance with a hockey superstar prove just as disastrous—or could it be the greatest love story of her life?

Cast as America’s reality show sweetheart after being jilted on a dating show, Skye Reeve is ready to stop being a brokenhearted woman by proving she’s more than what the camera portrayed her to be. She’s landed her dream job as a TV lifestyle reporter and promises to work hard to be a success.

Skye also vows never to be swept up in a fairy tale romance ever again, as she obviously has no clue what real love is.

Being in the same city as Denver Mountain Lions hockey star Maxime Laurent, however, might make this last goal impossible.

Dealing with ghosts from his own past, the Belgian hockey star is known for keeping his life off the ice private. He’s not sure if outgoing Skye could be a match for him, but he can’t deny his attraction to her.

When the two embark on a romance, will they be able to move forward from the past to let love into their hearts? With no reality blurred, will Skye find real-life love to be what she had been looking for all along? 

Been itching to start book 2 because I loved Maxime and Skye as side characters in book 1. They are cute and I wanted them to get a HEA. 

The story follows Skye who was on an American reality dating show (much like the Bachelor) and she had actually fallen for the guy but had her heart broken and embarrassed beyond belief while millions watched. Now she is trying to find her way and create her own career. Maxime is a Belgian hockey star who keeps to himself mainly and loves his privacy. His ex dumped him because he was too boring. Will these two find love?

My heart belongs to Maxime. I loved Cade from book 1, but I think Maxime is taking the throne in my heart. He has a sexy accent, loves animals, loves to just stay home, and has the biggest heart. Sighs. Skye is a lucky gal ;) 

I loved Skye too. I felt sooooo bad for her. Poor thing. She was an innocent! Damn that guy and that show. I totally get her worries about her lifestyle not fitting what Maxime wants in life. I would be paranoid too. But he loves you dumb-dumb! 

There was insta-love, but it was very sweet. Maxime had fallen for her (even though he didn't want to admit it) when he seen her in Belgium the year previous, but he didn't talk to her like he wanted and make sure she was okay. Bless his heart!

My only issue....and it is sooo petty...I was super done with Skye and Maxime saying "wanker" 1 million times to describe Skye's reality guy. We get it...we do. No more!

The narrator was fantastic. I think I had read book 1 and I remember giving it a 3. I think the narrator really boosted this story. Her voices for everyone was perfect. Loved her. 

Overall, though, I loved, LOVED this story! It was sweet and I loved our Skye and Maxime. They are adorable! Stole my heart for sure. I'll give this 5 stars. 


- #10 for Audiobook Challenge

- #11 on Bingo for Sports Romance


Blodeuedd said...

Sounds good! You do keep finding them

Carole Rae said...

Been lucky buuuut I feel like there will be some bad ones soon

Sophia Rose said...

Well, this one does sound like a honey of a story. Interesting about the reality TV show disappointment and being put down b/c you like things quiet in your private life. So glad they both found their happy.

I love how audio has really made good books even better so many times.

Carole Rae said...

Yes. This was very sweet, but good. Not too overly sweet.