Tuesday, August 8

Time for TV Tuesday #7

Recently Finished: 
This is a random find on Netflix as I mentioned before. I got through season 1 and 90% of season 2. However...that is all I can do. I know there is one more season and I just cannot get myself to watch it. 

Season 1 was really good. I liked it. It was super funny. I loved Cuckoo even though he was a major narcissistic hippie. I also really liked the Dad. He was the complete opposite of Cuckoo and wanted Cuckoo gone. But he was a huge hoot. 

Now...season 2 was a whole different matter. Cuckoo is gone and is replaced by his long lost son. Sure I liked him, but he wasn't as funny or as entertaining. I also did not really like the girl who replaced Cuckoo's wife. She was missing that charm of the original actress. I honestly feel like they should have stopped after Season 1. 

In the end, this was a flop for me. I stopped watching after a few episodes in season 2. Maybe someday I'll continue, but for now I will consider this a DNFW (did not finish watching). I'll give this show 2 stars. It only gets the extra star because season 1 was good.