Tuesday, August 29

Time for TV Tuesday: Salem (Season 1)

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Just finished watching season 1. It took me super long to finish this season. Why? It is a lot to take in. It really isn't a binge watching type of show. Two episodes is my max. Not because it is bad...it is intense. There is a lot to soak in and think about. In a way, I think it is extremely good. 

This is extremely historically inaccurate. But I do not think they were even trying. This is super paranormal so they just went nuts with the story and just made it entertaining. I took off my historical hat and put on my paranormal hat. Doing that made this show so much better. Yes, they do drop some real people's names, but don't let that fool you. For example, Mr. Hale is a witch from an ancient line...so yeah...you can't take it serious. The show does not at all claim to be going for historical accuracy here, so one has to pretend this is all a work of fiction. 

But yes...this is dark. Super dark. Mary is our main character. She is recruited to be a witch after a terrible blow when her lover, John, is sent away to fight in a war. She decides to become a witch to get her vengeance on the evil Puritans. Years go by and she has become wife to the head selectman in town and is starting her devilish plan. And like a bad love song, John comes back to shake things up. 

What I really loved about this show is the fact that there is no good or evil. Just different shades of grey. Where the witches really the evil ones? Yes and no. They did bad things, but also good things. Where the Puritans really the good ones? Yes and no. They did good things, but they did bad things. 

I think my favorite character was Isaac. Poor guy. Great actor for sure and I think he was the best written character on the show next to Mary. Mary is my second favorite so far. I did like Tituba, but she really did something bad and now I can't stand her. If I was Mary......mmm

I also REALLY love the concept that the witch trials in Salem was orchestrated by witches to kill innocents so they can attempt the dreaded Grand Rite and bring darkness to the land. Simply love it.

I can't wait to start season 2. Season 1 ended with a huge reveal which makes me hate Tituba more and feel even worse for Mary. She is just a pawn and it makes me sad. I can't say more. I need to get to my TV. 

Soooo this show is off to a great start. I recommend it so far. 


Melliane said...

I was curious about this one but I finally didn't try

Blodeuedd said...

I did watch Frontier but this...ehhh

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, so far this is good. :)

B, let's see how the next season goes.