Sunday, August 27

Book Review: I Still Love You by Jane Lark

Author: Jane Lark
Title: I Still Love You (Starting Out #1.5)
Genre: Romance & short stories
Pages: ebook
Published: April 30th 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

Jason watched his new wife, Rachel, wishing he could make her laugh like she used to. She's making him up like a zombie for Halloween but she's the one acting like a zombie lately. This past year has been a rollercoaster ride for the young couple, but
now suddenly the ride's stopped and Jason isn't ready to get off. He wants his Rachel back, but seeing as his Rachel is hurting because she's sick, does it really even matter what he wants.

Rachel hates the sadness in her husband's eyes. It doesn't feel like he loves her anymore. But then who could love an emotional cripple like her? She's dragging him down, but
knowing it doesn't mean she can control her illness any more than he can

How does this always happen to me? I manage to pick up books that are not book 1. I was close this time...this was a short story that is a sequel. There is some back story that I am sure I missed, but the author does slowly fill the reader in so I didn't at all think this was a sequel. People can totally read this without the first book for sure. 

This was so very sad. However, I feel like it is very inspirational in a lot of ways. It really shows that marriage and love can make it through horrible, terrible events. 

Poor Rachel...poor Jason. The whole situation really stinks. Rachel had a mental snap (I am assuming in the first book) and is now taking mediciation to help get her back on track. Jason is trying to help her and keep his little family together. Rachel feels like she is just a burden and that Jason doesn't love her anymore. Jason is scared of losing Rachel to herself again and is exhausted. They really need to go to therapy and get it all out in the open, I think. But they decide to go to a party to just get out of the house for a little bit, which I think they should've just gone out to a fancy dinner and maybe a hotel for alone time. 

The big reveal had me angry. I wanted to throw my kindle. NOT because it was bad. I hated what the reveal was. That big ol' JERK! I can't really say what and who. But there is a jerk who is being a jerk and wants to rain on everyone's parade. I do want to continue and see Jason shove this jerk in the dirt and kick him. How dare this jerk! GAH! *picks up laptop and then thinks better of it and sets it back down* See? Just thinking about the jerk angers me. 

*does some research*

Ugh! There is a break in their story. Their story isn't until book 5. I may have to skip ahead and just read that one. Hahaha I am bad. ;)

In the end, this was a quick read, but it was a good read. It made me want to read the first book. I want to know more about Jason and Rachel before her illness. I want to know what happens next. This is totally recommended. Out of five, I'll give it 5. Nothing to complain about with this short story. 


Blodeuedd said...

Better than the last book u read then ;)

Melliane said...

now I want to kno about the revelation!