Sunday, April 8

The Next Movie of the Week & Easter Greetings

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all get a belly full of yummah chocolate and sweets!!

I'm skipping the Sunday Ketchup post today. I'm just giving a quick little run-down. I know, I know...I haven't had a nice catch-up session for a long while now. I've been a bad bunny. *bows head in shame* I also must apologize for not posting 'A Very Pink Cast that Book' yesterday, I had to take my friend to the hospital and we were there for THREE HOURS! It was insane, but my friend is all right. ^.^

Well, I've been insanely with work and school, I've been slowly adjusting to my new sleep cycle, and I've been sick/full of allergies since I got home from Oklahoma. I believe I am allergic to Texas or I got some odd Texas bug. We went trudging through the Arlington Park and I haven't been right since.

Why am I adjusting (horribly at that) to a new sleeping cycle? Well, I was moved over to a different Tim Hortons. The one in Romeo is where I am now at. I work the morning shift now! I hate mornings, but this is what I wanted and so I must adjust to getting up super early. Being completely honest...this girl is NOT a morning person, so the adjusting is taking a long, hard time. BAH! Plus going to school isn't helping matters much. I have some pretty tough classes this semester:

Emerging Nations 
American Literature (currently kicking my butt)
Workplace Communication (a slight blow-off class)

Onto other matters...I forgot to announce my Movie of the Week on Monday (bad bunny I be)! I realized that earlier today when I was at work. I was mopping the floor and the thought struck me. E-gags! Anyways..the next Movie of the Week is.............*drum-roll*..........................The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011 version)

I had watched this in Oklahoma with my cousin and her husband, but I was suffering from the early stages of my allergies/sickness. It was the last night in my beloved Oklahoma and we decided to have a quiet evening in and watch this film. Since I was slightly out of it, I'm going to watch it again and review it. ^.^ I would also like to watch the other version someday Here's the trailer:



Carole said...

Funny Easter photo. Have a nice day.

Carole Rae said...

hahaha, I thought it was pretty funny and a touch sexy. That's how I was this Easter. I got home and just laid around. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Ugh, mornings suck! I hope you will adjust :(

Carole Rae said...

Me too! It's really taking a toll on me, but I should adjust in soon....I hope. haha

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