Sunday, January 29

Sunday Ketchup

~'Sunday Ketchup' was inspired by The Muse in the Fog's 'Suddenly Sunday' postings. However, mine are going to be a little bit different. Also when I went to spell 'Catchup' I accidentally spelled it wrong and put 'Ketchup'. I thought it was cute, so I kept it. Also, I'm addicted to ketchup! I want one of those ketchup shirts that says "I <3 Ketchup". Wouldn't that be cute? Every week, or whenever I remember, I'm going to post events that happened this past week, things coming up next week, updates, and news. You can join in and post your own 'Sunday Ketchup' postings, just make sure to mention me...if you want ^.^ ~

Happy Sunday everybody! It's simply lovely outside. The snow is falling gracefully from the sky. It's oddly calming. Don't ask me why. How was everyone's week? Mine was fantastic! On Saturday, I went to the gym with my friend for the first time since High School! I mean yeah, I've worked out at home, but it's not the same. I feel very accomplished! It's called Fitness Anytime. The name speaks for itself. You can go there and workout at anytime. I went at 10 pm. It's only $30 per month or $40 per month if you want unlimited tanning. Not a bad deal! If you're not a member (like me) it's $5 dollars each time. I'm contemplating becoming a member. 

Sorry for the rambling about this awesome gym. ^.^

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Whats Going to Be Posted This Week?:
I'll try to get the usual posted, like Music Monday, TTT/Dusty Read, and etc. I may or may not have a book review and a movie review. The movie review depends on if my library get the movie in or if the movie comes on TV. We shall see. Other than that it's up in the air. 

Anything New for the Blog?:
Nothing major. I'll be updating the 'Songs Stuck in my Head' section probably on Monday/Tuesday. Also, sometime during the week I'll update the 'Quotes' section. Exciting, I know. Haha 

Tim Horton News:
I forgot to mention this...we have new Velvet foods. Like velvet muffins, brownies, and donuts. I've only tried the brownie so far and it was okay. We also have lasagna casserole and garlic bread, which was yummy. 

What Came in the Mail/Store?:
I got a couple things. One was my new skin/cover for my kindle fire. The other was a book I won from Allison at The Musings of a Book Junkie! So exciting. 

Anything Else Worth Mentioning:
The Blog has finally gotten over the 50 follower mark! Huzzah! I'm super excited! I'll be hosting a giveaway soon in honor of this victory. I'm not sure what I'm giving away, but once i decide on that I'll let you all know. Also...I've been made an administrator at the Ever After Pr Facebook page. Woot Woot!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



Blodeuedd said...

The skin is so pretty :D And yay, Moran!

SF said...

Mmmm I have a Canadian friend who's always talking about Tim Horton's. It makes me wish we had them around here.

Have a great week and congrats on breaking 50 followers! :D

Unknown said...

I love that kindle cover! VERY nice!!

Carole Rae said...

Blodeuedd, isn't it lovely? I'm super excited to read it!

Susan, yeah Tim Horton's is pretty nefty. The Canadians love them! haha. And thanks! I never thought this day would occur.

Allison, =) I love it! It's even prettier in real life.