Tuesday, January 10

Dusty Reads (3)

~This is a weekly meme created by Xpressoreads that showcases books that have been sitting on your shelf for a while and is a little dusty...~

Hey everyone! Guess what today is? Today is the first day of the winter semester for this little college kid! Yayy! -.- As you can probably tell, I'm not looking forward to it...oh well.

Anyways...this week the book I'm dusting off is Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn. 

"A.D. 69. Nero is dead. 

The Roman Empire is up for the taking. With bloodshed spilling out of the palace and into the streets of Rome, chaos has become the status quo. The Year of Four Emperors will change everything—especially the lives of two sisters with a very personal stake in the outcome…. 

Elegant and ambitious, Cornelia embodies the essence of the perfect Roman wife. She lives to one day see her loyal husband as Emperor. Her sister, Marcella, is more withdrawn, content to witness history rather than make it. Even so, Marcella has her share of distinguished suitors, from a cutthroat contender for the throne to a politician’s son who swears that someday he will be Emperor. 

But when a bloody coup turns their world upside down, Cornelia and Marcella—along with their cousins, one a collector of husbands and lovers, the other a horse-mad beauty with no interest in romance—must maneuver carefully just to stay alive. As Cornelia tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered dreams, Marcella discovers a hidden talent for influencing the most powerful men in Rome. In the end, though, there can only be one Emperor … and one Empress."

It's been sitting on my shelf for a few months now and so far I've read just the first five pages. As you all may or may not know, I simply adored Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn and I even announced it as my Book of the Year. With this fact, a question arises; why haven't I jumped into the next book yet? I don't have an answer. Well, have any of you read this and did you like it or not? Or am I right by ignoring this one for now? 



Blodeuedd said...

A few months, if only ;)

Hanna said...

Carole, thank you for tour seer comment on my blog! Your support means the world o me!!! Honestly:) thankyou from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Carole Rae said...

Blodeuedd, :P. You're just jealous...hahaha

Hanna, awww, no problem! I meant what I said and I'm happy I made an impact. Also, thanks for stopping by and making me blush. You are welcome.