Saturday, January 7

Cast That Book: Lily of the Nile

~'Cast That Book' is a weekly meme created by moi. This is just something I came up with, to share everyone who I would cast if a certain book became a movie. I got the idea from, so check them out! My secret dream is to be a casting director and this allows me to live it for just an hour or two. Anyone can join! You don't have to pick that book I picked. Any book, any genre! However, I would LOVE to check out who you casted, so share the linkie down below.~

Happy Saturday everyone! How was your week? Mine was busy and I worked a good chunk of hours. Anyways, this is the first 'Cast that Book' of 2012! This week I'll be featuring my 'cast' for the Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray. Click hErE to check out the review. WARNING...this is a slightly large cast, but...oh well. ^.^

Selene - Selena Gomez

Helios - Jake Abel
Philadelphus - Freddie Highmore

Cleopatra - Jordanna Brewster 

Euphronius - Arnold Vosloo

Octavian - Liam Neeson 

Octivia - Natalie Portman
Agrippa - Kevin Durand

Livia - Kate Winslet (I would have her hair a medium brown color or dirty blond)

Julia - Hayden Panettiere

Juba - Lee Thompson Young (^.^)

Illus - Josh Hutcherson 
Marcella - Emma Watson

Drusus - Steven R. McQueen
Marcellus - Blake Harrison
Tiberius - Ben Barnes
Who would you cast for this book?




Anna said...

I agree with most of these, especially Selena Gomez and Liam Neeson.

Blodeuedd said...

Selena Gomez, hm, nah not for me. But I like the rest :)

Carole Rae said...

Anna, thanks. =) I think this is a pretty okay cast.

Blodeuedd, who would you cast then? lol the only reason why I picked Selena Gomez was because...well...I couldn't think of anyone else that fit the character.

Unknown said...

I'm delighted with this! I should note that as a Berber, Juba would probably be more of a sandy-skinned caucasian, but who cares. That guy you picked is stunning. What particularly caught my attention was the casting of Liam Neeson as Augustus. That might just be inspired...

Carole Rae said...

Stephanie Dray, thanks so much for checking out my cast for this book! Yeah...I know Juba is suppose to look a little different, but this guy kept popping in my head. He played in Scrubs and he is just so adorable! haha. Yeah...I feel like Liam Neeson would be a fantastic Augustus.

Anonymous said...

I like most of the cast, but i always pictured Tom Hiddleston as Octavian

Carole Rae said...

Yeah, Tom Hiddleston would be a great choice too. :)

Anonymous said...

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