Monday, January 2

Music Monday

Hola everyone! This is the first post on this blog for 2012! Yayy! So how is everyone? I'm super tired, because I had to work midnights this weekend, but oh well. You guys are probably tired of hearing me whine and ramble about how crappy that was. Oh well. That's life and life moves on. 

Shall we begin with the music? We shall:

This first song is a song I dedicate to Drake from My Ruthless Prince (I don't understand this, he isn't even a prince, he's like a count, so why is the title have 'prince' in it), who is now my fictional boyfriend. haha. He is the epitome of a broken hero. Anyways...I personally believe this song would be the theme for the book if it were to become a movie. The song fits Drake and even Emily. The song is Pieces by Red. Since the lyrics really fit Drake's story, I picked the video with lyrics. Enjoy:

Okay, I have another Henry and Anne video I would like to share. I can't help but adore this couple, even though their love is tragic and ends horribly. Anne is my favorite. Well, this one is created by htaandthenyou. The song is a cover song of Just a Dream (the one by Nelly) sung by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. I really like it. I'll have to check out the full song:

Here's a quick funny video by the all-so-talented MsDBZbabe. Ohhh, Vegeta is at it again...but this time I think I would beat Trunks and Goten too:

Hope you all enjoyed this week's selection of videos!



Blodeuedd said...

Lol at the Vegeta mermaid

Carole Rae said...

=D I just can't but crack up every time I see it.