Wednesday, March 23

An Amazing Gift

This is a story I have to share. On the last day of my American History from 1845-Present Day class, Professor Hull asked us if we wanted a book from his collection. Now mind you, there was only 8 of us in the class. We all pretty much said yes (there was a couple people not present). He told us to write our addresses and he would send us a book. Also, he had us write down our favorite eras. I wrote '17 and 18th century France' and 'Tudor England'. Afterwards he threw us and his other classes a HUGE pizza party. Which I was only there for half an hour, because I went to another party with Megan.

If you can't tell already Professor Hull is an amazing teacher and man. He's like another grandpa. ^.^ I always loved going to his class. Not only did he teach us history, he made us think. Dates and years weren't his main points for us to learn, he wanted us to understand and process the information. We always talked about the social injustices not just in the past, but in today's society. The discussions even talked about the state of our government and all that touchy stuff. It was an amazing class! Professor Hull also showed us many movies, instead of reading every single page in the boring, ol' History book that we spent a fortune on.

On Friday I received a pretty big box from dear Professor Hull. I was so excited! I grabbed the nearest sharp object, which happened to be scissors. I would've probably used a fork if it had been sitting there. Once the box was open, I read the note he had written me. Then I gazed down at the books he sent me. I was baffled! I was convinced he would just send one or two books. I would have been content was just one or two. Even getting one was more than he had to give.

On the last day of class, we discussed how you should give things you love to people who care and cherish it as you did. When people die and leave all the things they loved behind, when your family goes through your things they don't appreciate it like you did. Many of your beloved objects tend to thrown away or just tossed to Goodwill. That's why he decided to give some books away (his house is swarming with books, so he says).

With that in mind, I decided to make mention of the books my favorite professor gave me. I love all my books the same, but I may cherish these more because they were gift from someone other than my wallet. Thank you Professor Hull!

Here's what he donated to my book collection:

  • 'The New Russians' by Hedrick Smith
  • 'The Autobiography of Henry VIII' by Margaret George
  • 'The Old Regime and the French Revolution' by Alexis De Tocqueville
  • 'Les Miserables' by Victor Hugo
  • 'War and Peace' by Leo Tolstoy
  • 'Famous Letters: Messages and Thoughts that Shaped Our World' by Frank McLynn


Unknown said...

How funny! I picked up The Autobiography of Henry VIII today!

Carole Rae said...

That is funny. What a small world. =D