Tuesday, March 29

Leopold the Wise

I have GREAT news. Yesterday, I went to Lapeer with my mother (I had to get another license, because I lost mine) to get another license and to get....a GERBIL! Yes, I cashed my check and bought a gerbil and a cage and food. In total I spent about 53 dollars. Not too bad, but I decided too spend a little extra on the cage. I was unsure about what to name him though. I wanted to name him Leopold, but I was indecisive. The night before our travels I was reading 'Castle of the Wolf' and the main character's brother came to town and guess what his name is? Leopold! I had my sign. However, I've named him after King Leopold I of Belgium. I added 'the Wise' because he's intelligent! He figured out how to use everything within an hour. Plus he figured how to get out of the traveling box the guy put him in. 

King Leopold

Leopold the Wise!

<3 Carole Rae

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