Friday, January 27

Movie Review: Amber - The Girl Behind the Alert (2023)

Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert
Length:  1h 32 mins
Released: 2023
Genre:  Documentary
Rating: PG
Where I Got It: Peacock

Amber: The Girl Behind The Alert is the story of Amber Hagerman, the girl whose abduction and murder inspired the Amber Alert - which has since saved over 1000 kids. Amber's case remains unsolved. There are multiple suspects, a series of compelling theories, but proof has been elusive... This year, the 25th anniversary of Amber's murder, the detectives are still on the case, determined to solve the crime with new evidence and cutting edge DNA testing.

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My co-worker suggested watching this. Had no idea what platform it was on. The hubby and I randomly decided to switch to Peacock and take a break from HBO Max for a while. Lo and behold - this was on Peacock. So we decided to watch it. 

This documentary shares the story of Amber Hagerman. She was abducted and murdered which inspired the Amber Alert. This system went federal in the US in 2002. It has saved over 1000 kids. Amber's case is still unsolved, but the detectives are still on the case. 

So I remember when this went federal and I remember asking my mom what it was and who was Amber. Mom never went into detail because I was young. She simply stated, "a while back a little girl went missing and they named it after her". That is all I knew. I had no idea it was in the 90's this happened and I had no idea about the story behind Amber. 

It is crazy to think I was about the same age as her little brother when she went missing. This hit me pretty hard tbh. I did cry by the end. Poor Amber....her poor family....drives me crazy thinking if they could've reached the public 2 hours sooner MAYBE they could've tracked down the black truck that took her. But everyone had to wait 2 hours for the news to broadcast and even with all the tips and leads....they couldn't find it. 

This was very good. I totally recommend watching it. It's so sad that Amber lost her life, but so many kids are alive because of her alert. 

Fantastic watch. It is informative and will make you feel. 5 stars from me. 


Mary Kirkland said...

I watched this recently too. It was done well. So sad they never caught the guy.

Blodeuedd said...

I feel like I always have heard that term but it only went federal 20 years ago?!

Jen Twimom said...

I'm not a true crime fan, but I'm glad it was well done. She deserves that.

Carole Rae said...

Mary, it was done well. It is so tragic they never found the guy.

B, right!!!! It is still young.

Jen, she does. I hope they find her killer though...