Tuesday, January 31

Audiobook Review: Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London

Author: Julia London
Narrator: Derek Perkins
Title: Sinful Scottish Laird
Series: Highland Grooms #2
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Audiobook
Published: February 28, 2017
Where I got It: Borrowed from library

Widowed and forced to remarry in three years' time or forfeit her son's inheritance, Daisy Bristol, Lady Chatwick, has plenty of suitors vying for her hand and her fortune. But a letter from a long-lost love sends Daisy and her young son to her Scottish Highland estate to buy time for his return. Along the way she encounters the powerful Cailean Mackenzie, laird of Arrandale and a notorious smuggler, and she is utterly and unwillingly bewitched.

Cailean has no use for any Sassenach in his glen. But Daisy's brazen, flirtatious nature and alluring beauty intrigue him. When her first love appears unexpectedly at her estate, Cailean knows that a passionate woman like Daisy cannot marry this man. And to prevent the union, Cailean must put his own life at risk to win her heart.

This is the 2nd book in the series. I read book 1 last year. 

Here we follow Daisy Bristol, aka Lady Chatwick, and Cailean who is the laird of Arrandale. When Daisy's husband passed away and she is forced to remarry in three years' time or forfeit her son's inheritance. There are plenty of suitors vying for her hand...and her money. However, she wants to marry for love or at least for friendship, so when she receives a letter from a long-lost love sends her to her Scottish estate to buy time for his return. Along the way, she will meet Cailean who is not only a laird but a notorious smuggler. She is utterly bewitched but he has no use for a woman and especially not an English lady. 

This is book 1 but you can read this as a standalone. There are some references to the other couple since they are Cailean's parents, but they explain what you need to know. 

This was a slow start for me. I really and truly struggled to get into the story. I found myself zoning out, however, I kept pushing forward. Things did turn around for me after page 50 and I found myself invested in our characters. 

I liked Daisy and Cailean. You can see the lust and even some friendship, but the love took a while which worked for them. They both were burned by love in the past (in different ways) so you can see why they are unsure of their feelings. Plus Daisy is living in a fantasy that Robert (who was her first love) and her are meant to be. Poor thing believes he loves her and not her fortune. Spoiler...not spoiler....he doesn't. She does figure it out but it takes a while. 

I really did love how our two MCs are a little older and not virgin-y. She is a widow hitting 30 soon and Cailean is about to turn 36 any day. It was also nice seeing how complex they were. Lots of issues and flaws. They have been hurt and there is some external issues they have to deal with too. Between her being English and him Scottish....and then the political issues impacting this romance. It is not an easy romance but they will find their HEA (not a spoiler of course). So yes, it took a while and it worked. 

The ending was nice and the resolution was dealt with perfectly. However, there are some things not 100% settled. I feel like there is something heading their way though....book 3 is about Cailean's brother so I'm sure the other shoe will drop then. 

The narrator was the same as book 1. He did a good job then and did a good job here. Nice voices and flawless changes in accents and different genders. 

In the end, I struggled with the beginning but I pushed through and I grew to enjoy it. I liked the characters and you can't help but root for them to find love. 3 stars from me. 

- #8 for Audiobook challenge
- #7 for Romance Reading Challenge - MC 35+ years old


Blodeuedd said...

Something about the story sounds familliar, I have read London, must look

Carole Rae said...

Mmmmm I wonder if you read this or read something similar.

Sophia Rose said...

It is so hard to decide sometimes whether to press on our cut bait. Glad it sped up and had some complexities to it that drew you in eventually.

Melliane said...

Too bad for the start but it's nice that you continued and enjoyed it in a whole

Jen Twimom said...

Good to know. I read the first one at the end of last year for the reading challenge, but I didn't love it. So I'll probably skip the rest of the series.

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, yesss I'm torn.

Melliane, me too. I'm glad I didn't stop.

Jen, I don't blame ya.