Friday, January 28

Audiobook Review: Farewell to Charms by Molly Harper

Author: Molly Harper 
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi & Jonathan Davis
Title: A Farewell to Charms
(Mystic Bayou #6)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Humor
Format: Audiobook
Published: January 13th 2022
Where I got It: Audible

Eva Boudreaux keeps the truth about her life before arriving in Mystic Bayou a carefully guarded secret, flying under the radar as a talented boat mechanic. In the swampy little town filled with powerful supernatural beings, Eva never expected to strike up a charged flirtation with one of the Bayou’s human residents.

Alex Lancaster is far too polished for Eva’s taste - not to mention the danger that comes with his high-ranking position in the League, which could expose her secrets. Trouble is, she can’t resist his disarming sense of humor or the chemistry that crackles to life whenever he’s near. Will Alex be able to handle a woman like her? Or will her difficult past keep them apart?

Either way, they’ll need to join forces to solve one final mystery in Mystic Bayou. The fate of the town - and their hearts - depends upon it. 

Had no idea another one was coming out. BUT I had hope because we had a couple people they introduced throughout the last books that I was rooting for. Didn't know if I thought they would get together or find someone else. I just wanted both to find loveeee. 

Here we have Alex Lancaster who is polished and has a great job with the League. Then we have Eva who arrived to Mystic Bayou to find a new life and do what she loves....fixing things. She is guarded about her past and about her secrets. She never thought she'd find herself falling for not only a human, but someone like Alex. 

It was adorable seeing past Alex's professional face. He is so awkward...I love it. 

I love how awkward Eva was too. 

They are so made for each other. It took them a minute to see past the lust and rejection fears to see it, but it was so worth the wait. They deserve all the love. 

I also loved seeing Alex finally connect with everyone and actually become a friend. It was adorable seeing him realize he was precisely where he belongs and get some friends. 

Grrr to both of their parents. They are jerks except for Alex's mom. Poor thing is caught in the middle. 

I am curious if this is the last one? It had those feels. There really aren't any characters roaming about that I like and want to find love. Seems like everyone is now paired off? We shall see though! I wouldn't complain. I love this town and this world. So fun. 

The narrators are back and still amazing. Yayy! They are perfect. I feel like our male narrator didn't get as much spotlight? The Alex POVs seemed shorter than Eva's? 

I do wish we had more of a resolution between their families. There is a lot of hurt still lingering. 

Other than that, I liked this! Lots of fun! Loved seeing Alex and Eva find love. 4 stars from me. 

- #4 for Audiobook challenge
- #3 for Romance Reading Challenge (Audio)


Blodeuedd said...

I had missed this one was coming too

vvb32 reads said...

Sounds cute with an awkwardness moment you mention. I still need to read this author as I have a couple Molly books in my tbr.

Jen Twimom said...

I skimmed the review b/c I won't be able to listen for a bit. What is with this author and not publicizing her releases? Thank God I have you Carole! You keep me informed.

Carole Rae said...

B, same here. I just came upon it.

vvb32, Awkward can be cuteeee. Molly is fun!

Jen, RIGHT? I've gotten lucky that Audible knows me too well LOL