Wednesday, January 26

Audiobook Review: No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished by Rachel Aaron

Author: Rachel Aaron
Narrator: Vikas Adam
Title: No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished
(Heartstrikers #3)
Genre: UF, Fantasy, Paranormal, YA
Format: Audiobook
Published: August 5th 2016
Where I got It: My shelf (given to me by a friend)

When Julius overthrew his mother and took control of his clan, he thought he was doing right by everyone. But sharing power isn’t part of any proper dragon’s vocabulary, and with one seat still open on the new ruling Council, all of Heartstriker is ready to do whatever it takes to get their claws on it, including killing the Nice Dragon who got them into this mess in the first place.

To keep his clan together and his skin intact, Julius is going to have to find a way to make his bloodthirsty siblings play fair. But there’s more going on in Heartstriker Mountain than politics. Every family has its secrets, but the skeletons in Bethesda’s closet are dragon sized, and with Algonquin’s war looming over them all, breaking his clan wide open might just be the only hope Julius has of saving it.

Wanted to listen to this last year, but you know how it goes....I kept reading and listening to other things instead. Haha, but I finally decided to start this in Jan!

Julius, our local Nice Dragon, has taken control of his clan and overthrew his mother. He thought he was doing right by everyone, but sharing power is very hard for dragons. With his mother, there is one seat left for his Council. To keep his clan together and for him to stay alive, Julius is going to have to find a way to get all his siblings play fair. Along side this pain, Algonquin's war is looming over everyone. 

Boy, oh boy. Bless Julius and his Nice heart. He certainly has bitten off more than he can chew. Thank goodness he has a lot of strong dragons and an amazing Mage in his corner. Without them...he would be dead 10000000%. 

There is a lot of politics in this one. Some fights here and there, but loads of political tension building. Made me nervousssssssssss.

Until the big blow out. Then everyone started going downhill. 

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I was so scared for everyone. 

And then the whole Chelsea back story we get to see. OH my heart. 

That ending had me holding back tears. WAH! I can't say what, but that was a good. I have to start the next one asap. FIX THISSSSSS! BUT I will say...even with the sadness, there is hope. Yes, I know things will get has to...right?

I really liked this one. I was sad that Marci and Julius are off doing their own thing for 80% of the book so that made me sad. I love their chemistry. I really wished they had more time to hang out and physically be there for each other during their big character developments. Yes, yes, I get that they are busy and doing their own tasks...but they need to be together! But yes, yes, I would say that is my one and only issue with this one. 

The narrator is amazinggggg as per norm. Perfect voices for everyone. Love this narrator! For sure do the audio for this series. 

In the end, I am anxious to start the next one!!! GAH! I need to know what happens next. 4 stars from me. 

- #3 for Audiobook challenge


Melliane said...

I need to read this one as well!

Blodeuedd said...

I know, it sucked them being apart s much

But yes right, Chelsie!!


Jen Twimom said...

After Linda was on me about how good these are, I finally decided I'd listen. But my library doesn't have them. WAHHHHH!

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, yessss


Jen, eeek neither did mine. I got the first one as a giftie (I think I bought the 2nd) and then I got this one as a giftie too.