Monday, January 24

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Good Neighbors by Stephanie Burgis

Series: Good Neighbors (#omnibus)

Format: 182 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication: February 2, 2022 by Five Fathoms Press

Cozy fantasy romance

To review

This is four novellas made into a book, and it does work well. It is just like 4 different longer chapters.

It's an 18th century world with magic and monsters , well beings, but some do want to wipe out everything different.

And Mia and her father moves into a little village. She is different and had to leave. Her nearest neighbor is an annoying necromancer (who is also hot.) In the first story they are bickering. Then they have a mission. And then there is also drama at the end with those idiots who do not like different.

Sure things happen fast because they are novellas in the end, but it work because there is not specific time of events.

Mia was cool, she could make anything mechanic, and there is a hidden thing to her too. As for Leander, sure he is a necromancer, but he seems like a decent guy. And this is a romance too so they will grow closer.

As for the end, well everyone is happy for now in their crazy little village. But I would like more from this world because it is really interesting, and those evil guys are still out there.

Cool world, interesting story and romance promised too.

When a grumpy inventor meets her outrageous new neighbor in the big black castle down the road, more than one type of spark will fly! Mia Brandt knows better than to ever again allow her true powers to be discovered. Ever since her last neighbors burned down her workshop in a night of terror and flame, she's been determined to stay solitary, safe, and - to all outside appearances - perfectly respectable...

But Leander Fabian, whose sinister castle looms over her cozy new cottage, has far more dangerous ideas in mind. When he persuades Mia into a reluctant alliance, she finds herself swept into an exhilarating world of midnight balls, interfering countesses, illicit opera house expeditions, necromantic duels, and a whole unnatural community of fellow magic-workers and outcasts, all of whom are facing a terrifying threat.

Luckily, Mia has unnatural powers of her own - but even her unique skills may not be enough to protect her new found family and help her resist the wickedly provoking neighbor who's seen through all of her shields from the beginning.

This novel-length collection includes all four stories and novellas originally published on Stephanie Burgis's Patreon in 2020-2021: Good Neighbors, Deadly Courtesies, Fine Deceptions, and Fierce Company.