Saturday, June 12

Book Review: Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Author: Patricia Briggs
Title: Cry Wolf
(Alpha & Omega #1)
Genre: UF, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 321
Published: July 29th 2008
Where I Got It: Borrowed from Library

Anna never knew werewolves existed until the night she survived a violent attack…and became one herself. After three years at the bottom of the pack, she’d learned to keep her head down and never, ever trust dominant males. But Anna is that rarest kind of werewolf: an Omega. And one of the most powerful werewolves in the country will recognize her value as a pack member—and as his mate.

You for sure need to read the short story before tackling this one. I started this and was slightly confused, so I had to stop and find the short story. Once that was done, I jumped back to this one. Sadly there was no audio at my library, but I was okay with it. 

The story follows Anna who was very abused in her last pack. Charles, the enforcer of his pack, saved her and they realized they are mates so she comes with us. They discover that Anna is the rarest kind of werewolf...she is an Omega. While she tries to find her place in the new pack and as Charles' mate, there is something sinister happening in the woods. 

I adore Charles and I like Anna. I'm glad I jumped to the ebook because I wasn't a huge fan of how the narrator portrayed Charles. The voice did not match what I was visualizing. Reading0 the ebook instead seemed to work better for me.

I'm so glad the author is making Charles and Anna struggle together a little bit. Yes, they are fated mates and all, but they barely know each other. I'm so happy that they are getting to know each other before just jumping each other's bones. Anna went through some traumatic stuff in her pack so she will need time. Yayy Charles. Good guy even though he is forced to kill. A good assassin who is not thrilled at doing it. 

The pack leader is interesting to me. I'm curious to see if we learn more later in the series. I like him and I hope he finds happiness and peace. Poor guy. 

Poor Asil. Can't say more here, but he needs happiness for sure. 

OOOOOooooOOOOOoooOOO that baddie was fun. Evil and insane. Loved it. I wasn't sure how that was going to be resolved. 

Now...I will say I was not really digging how easily they resolved the baddie. It seemed...too easy. Too clean. I am sad about Walter. I wanted him to find peace in life. But it seemed too easy. Mmmm.

Overall, a good beginning to the series (after the short story). I am curious to see what happens next. I like this pack. I'll give this one 3 stars. It would be 4, but I had issues with the resolution of the mystery and baddie. 


Jen Twimom said...

I know I've told you this before - but you really should integrate this with the Mercy Thompson books. The two series really do integrate and there is overlap. I really enjoy both series so much!

Blodeuedd said...

Awwww good times

Carole Rae said...

Jen, I've been attempting to do the timeline right.

B, they are fun!