Monday, June 28

Joint Movie Discussion: AWAKE (2021)

This month we decided to discuss 'Awake' (2021). A touch late since we couldn't meet up to discuss until Sunday morning! Whoops! ;) 

Blodeuedd is in green and I am in purple.

Title:  Awake

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Released: June 2021
Rating: TV-MA
Length: 1h 36min



Sooooo that was intense!!!!!! Dang!

I was not sure what to expect, but omg, I have had insomnia, so to think about this, ugh, scary. And yes it got INTENSE

Same here. I had no idea what to really expect. The trailer and the summary are very vague. I watched this late at night and then I was up until 3 am because I could not sleep. Sure my insomnia is bad and all BUT I think this had me up thinking. Could you imagine??? Not being able to sleep and just knowing you only have about 6 days before your brain pretty much explodes???

I can promise you though, that I would not be as effed up as some of these people. Like omg, wtf is wrong with you all!?

I’m sure a lot of them already had major issues to begin with. Esp the soldiers...mental illnesses and whatnot probably get doubled in a brain when it can’t sleep. Pills can only do so much!! 

True, but ok so that first place where you notice that people are crazy, they had lost one night of sleep, ONE! And ok I can’t go into it, but omg, omg, people are evil

TBH - some people need only the smallest excuse to lose their minds and riot and kill people. They figured “ brain will explode so might as well loot and pillage while I can!” People are evil 100000000% 

It was scary, so very scary. I would rather not think about it cos I might have trouble sleeping again. But it was also good, what else can people do, die is the only option.

I wouldn’t last the whole time knowing that there might be no cure. Last as long as I can to wait, but at one point I couldn’t handle it. I was so scared for her and her kids. Esp the girl because she could sleep!! I can’t fathom how terrified she was. All of them. And then the solution was pretty dang simple. Don’t wanna spoil it...but I thought the world’s smartest people would figure it out…..smh

After I finished I thought that the Russians and the Chinese def figured it out. Cos they probably went overboard at once and was all, aha! Sorey US, but you need some torture.

Oh, I’m sure they had it figured out by day one. It sort of made sense. I jokingly said the solution out loud and then I was right. I was kidding! I’m sure if this REALLY happened the US gov wouldn’t figure it out at all. 

And since nothing works, nobody could tell anyone anything. Not that they would, they would be all, we will survive ,mowuahahahah

TRUE. I didn’t think of that...with the power being out other country officials wouldn’t be able to talk and share info (as if they would). How scary! Esp if your loved one was traveling for work or something! Scaryyyy!!!! This whole concept was scary and some believe that a big enough solar flare would indeed knock out power. *shudders*

As long as it doesn’t knock us out! My brother would be ok in the new world, he has a really old car, better store that for later. Need transportation ;) prepare!

Hahaha! I know some people with old cars but I’m sure they would be gone by the time I walk to them! Hahaha. 

True. He does live very far away from walking. Dunno where one would go anyway. I am already in the middle of nowhere.

You would be safe for a while until those that survive the city start making their way away from the city. I’m in the country but only about 10 mins from a decent city SO we would need to pack and get outta here and head to my parents. Or just stay here and fortify. Scary to think that people lose their minds so quickly. No bonding to survive. Everyone for themselves! I would like to think movies like this are wrong, but we know that is how it would play out FOR sure. 

I am pretty far out bike-wise, but when I think about it, yes better go even further. Just pack everything on bikes and go. But then what, wait and die? Ugh, these things are scary to think of. Zombies are one thing, but people, normal people when they lose their shit?! Yikes

Scared people are scarier and more dangerous than any Zombie or monster. Like that cop at the church! Was he already 2 or 3 days in from not sleeping? Did he pull an all-nighter at work? He lost it PRETTY dang quick. 

I thought the woman was scarier, who even thinks of that??!?! But yes the cop lost it, maybe he had done a night shift before it all so he was already 2 days in, but still!

Yessss I forgot about her! What a psycho!! The first thing she says…” Let’s sacrifice the girl!” Whaaa??? It’s been 24 hours CALM down lady. 

Psycho! Not the first thing I would think that would solve it

I would immediately start trying different things like pills or foods or drinks. People just panicked first. Except for those youths. LOLLL they had a block party. That did make me chuckle. Of course, the college kids are all “WHOO HOO LET’S MAKE FIRE AND DRINK!”

And then, how can you drive your cars? Ehh, what the hell do you learn there in the school? Stupid kids

Hahaha. Right???? Made me laugh! 

Now - I do wish we had more backstory about the mom and the kids. That would’ve been nice. I still rooted for them, but I feel like I would’ve liked the mom more if I knew their backstory more. We got little snip bits and whatnot here and there. But I wanted more. 

I did feel that what we were given, when so little was actually not even necessary. She could just as well have been a hard-working mom who had to leave her kids at their gran cos she had to work nights. Because now we did not learn more than I guess drugs cos of PTSD?

I would’ve been fine if they kept it simple. Dad died, mom worked 80 hours a week, kids are mad they never see But they hinted that mom has issues from the war and the dad dying (I guess in the war too?) and she maybe had drug issues? They didn’t really elaborate and I think we needed that. Don’t beat around the bush and tease us. 

Yes, exactly, just keep it simple. And I do wonder, what happened then? How many survived in the end? Did all animals die too?

Yess the ending pissed me off a bit. You can’t just leave it like that unless they do a sequel which would be dumb at this point. I think they hinted that the animals are fine except for the monkeys because they are similar to us and share the same DNA or something. They were not clear on that either. 

So many questions. But in the end, good movie :D Watch it, and prepare to lose some sleep. Haha

Agreed! More details would’ve been nice, but all around a good movie! Makes you think and wonder. Don’t watch when you are about to go to bed!!! Hahaha. 

The end?

Good pick! ;) And yesss the end!


Jen Twimom said...

I am so lost. I'm not sure what you guys watched. LOL

Blodeuedd said...

June was a good movie month

Carole Rae said...

Jen, hahahaha it was something you have to watch to understand.

B, it wasn't bad at all!

Sophia Rose said...

Well, that was something else. I was entertained reading your reactions.