Thursday, June 3

Audiobook Review: Once Dishonored by Mary Jo Putney

Author: Mary Jo Putney
Narrator: Beverley A. Crick
Title: Once Dishonored
(Rogues Redeemed #5)
Genre: Historical Romance & Mystery
Format: Audiobook
Published: September 29th 2020
Where I got It: Borrowed from the library

A man who has lost his honor has nothing . . .

London, 1816. As a Royal Navy officer, Lucas Mandeville, Lord Foxton, has fought his share of battles on the high seas, followed by long years of imprisonment. But on this night, he'd rather be on the burning deck of a ship than in a ballroom, where it is just a matter of time before someone challenges him because of what happened on the Continent.

A woman who has lost her reputation is nothing . . .

When dark-haired beauty Kendra Douglas arrives, a whisper of scandal ripples through the ton. The disgraced divorcee's entrance is an act of daring. Which is exactly why Lucas asks her to dance . . .

A couple who stands together has everything . . .

Unexpectedly, Lucas offers Kendra his aid in finding the evidence to regain her good name--and her beloved young son. Together they investigate the wicked conspiracy that destroyed her life, and in the midst of danger, find a deep love that will redeem them both--if only they can live long enough to build a future together.

Whoops. Accidently skipped book 4. 'Tis okay though. This did well as a standalone. 

Lucas, Lord Foxton, has fought in his fair share of battles and then spent a long time in prison. However, he lost his honor by escaping and hiding for a long time. He regrets going to the ball until he re-meets Kendra Douglas. Her husband divorced her and now she is dishonored and surrounded by scandal and also regrets coming to the ball. After a dance and spending a long evening of talking and learning about each other, Lucas offers Kendra his aid in finding the evidence to regain her honor and find her beloved young son. Together they investigate the wicked conspiracy that destroyed her life and they discover love that will redeem them both. 

I honestly really adored how these two started their romance. It was refreshing. They had danced together years previous but he went to war and she married a jerkface. They come together again with their honor in shambles. They join forces to bring justice and maybe find peace for him. I loved it! It was so sweet. They had insta-lust, but there was friendship right away. The love was there but they had a lot to deal with and fix before they could be with each other. It was really nice. No drama between them. They had amazing communication and worked well together. 

Poor Kendra....poor Lucas. I do wish we could've seen more with Lucas fixing his honor. We got to see some resolution but Kendra had huge problems. 

I did accidently skip book 4, but this did well by itself. There was only one couple we missed, but it was fine. I loved seeing all the past characters team up to help Kendra and Lucas! It brought a tear to my eye. 

The narrator was good. Loved her voices. Some did sound similar so you have to pay attention to context, but overall, I liked her and she did justice. 

In the end, I liked this. There was love and danger and drama and mystery. I can't wait to backtrack and read Simon's story. I'll give this 4 stars.   

- #30 for Audiobook challenge