Friday, November 13

Audiobook Review: Muffin Top by Avery Flynn

Author: Avery Flynn
Brian Pallino , Savannah Peachwood
Title: Muffin Top
(The Hartigans #2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit, Humor
Format: Audiobook
Published:   October 22nd 2018
Where I got It: My shelf (Audible)

The only thing about me that’s a size zero is the filter on my mouth. I’ve got a big personality, a big rack, and a big number on the scale. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

But when some random guy suggests I might not be eating alone if I’d ordered a salad instead of a hamburger I’m shocked silent, which is a feat, trust me.

That brings us to one sexy fireman named Frankie Hartigan. He’s hot. He’s funny… And he’s just apologized for being late for our “date” then glared at the fat-shaming jerk. Next thing I know, he’s sitting down and ordering himself dinner.

I have no problem telling him I don’t need a pity date… unless of course it’s to my high school reunion next week. Oops where did that last bit come from? And what do I do now that he’s said yes?!

Because this is no make-over story, and I think Frankie is using me for something. I just have to figure out what…

Book 2!!! Loved book 1 and couldn't resist starting this right away. 

The story follows Lucy and Frankie. Lucy is a plus-size girl who has decided to just focus on her career because screw love. Frankie is a man-whore firefighter. His brother is marrying her bff from book 1. They have talked a little bit in the past, but the flames are not sparked until one night at the bar. A jerk is harassing Lucy for eating a burger and telling her she needs to lose some weight so maybe she wouldn't be eating and drinking alone. Frankie jumps in and pretends to be her date and scares the jerk away. The two start talking and they decide that Frankie will be her "date" for her school reunion.

This could be read as a stand alone for sure, but there are some references and character development from book 1 you would miss.  

I adored Frankie and Lucy even though they have major issues going on. Frankie is a womanizer and Lucy has struggled with her confidence due to her weight. Unlikely couple, but they fit together perfectly. 

Poor Lucy. I'm a bigger girl too so I could really connect with her and all her self-doubt and trust issues with others. I read a lot of reviews that bashed her for her projection issues and her nonstop mentioning her weight and size. It does get old...but being the bigger person in the room and seeing that look of judgement in someone's hurts and being surrounded by that in High School and Middle School makes it hard not to grow up to expect others to all think and act the same way as those jerks. It's so hard not just assume everyone around you is judging you and wants to just use you. Pssssh I can't imagine though having a super model mother like Lucy...let's add some more gas to that firepit of self-doubt. Oof. Poor thing. I WILL concede that it did get old especially when Frankie said and did things that wouldn't be done/said if he only wanted you for sex. C'mon girl. Get out of your own head. 

Sorry - I'll stop my rambling. 

I loved the two of them. They fit together well. The lust was there pretty quick and the love was there even though they didn't realize it right away. It was nice seeing them slowly fall in love. The big blow-up annoyed me, really made them realize a few how they need each other. OOooOOOooo that last scene was adorable and it brought a little tear to my eye. So dang cute!

The narrators were awesome again. They do such a great job with these characters.

In the end, I really liked this book. A hair less than book 1. However, I did connect with Lucy in multiple ways (not just the weight thing) and I did love Frankie. The two worked even though they both have some major issues to deal with especially Lucy's self-hatred. The narrators were fantastic again. All-in-all, 4 stars for this one.  

- #54 for Audiobook Challenge


Blodeuedd said...

Aww, sounds fun :) I would listen

Carole Rae said...

Yesss I think the audio is awesome.

Sophia Rose said...

I have this one and book one on my Kindle to read at some point. I'll try to be patient with her getting stuck in her own head.

Jen Twimom said...

Glad you are enjoying the series and that you were able to relate to the main character on several levels. That's the kind of reading experience that I love.

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, yesss patience is a must for her.

Jen, agreed. It is so nice to be able to connect with a character.