Saturday, November 28

Saturday Movie Night Joint Review: The Princess Switch - Switched Again (2020)

Been a long time since we sat down and reviewed a movie together. This month Blodeuedd and I are reviewing, The Princess Switch: Switched Again. 

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in green.

Title:  The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family 
Running Time: 1h 36min
Rating: G
Released: Nov 2020

When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro and hits a rough patch with Kevin, it's up to her double Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike, party girl Fiona foils their plans.



‘tis the season

To watch Cheesey movies

Fun times! I am glad we did it, but omg these movies do not sense make.

LOLL oh yes. They do not. Like….how did that “baddie” group think they would at ALL succeed? And what are the dang chances? Too many switches going around in this one lol. 

First of all, what are you doing here bitch? Boom! Problem solved. Maybe they would actually trust the person who knows her OWN name *eyeroll*

RIGHT? And how did the BF not realize something was off? They JUST saw each other like 10 mins previously and she changed her mind THAT drastically? Okay. They were all dumb. I still enjoyed the silly dramas and cheesiness, but I rolled my eyes a lot. 

Like no one stopped that coronation when she did not know her name and acted weird. Oh lol. But I liked the cheese of it all, good times! And I saw the couple from Christmas prince and was all awwwww

Really? I never seen that one. Were they at the real coronation? 

Yes, they were at the real one. There are  movies. Xmas Prince, Xmas Wedding and Xmas baby. I am SO sad there was not a 4th this year, like Xmas Baby 2

That is fun that it is the same world in a sense. Now I’ll have to watch those too ;) I am so bad at movies lately, but thanks to this one it resparked my love and want. I watched PP with the hot Darcy and Kiera Knightly right after and then the Bundy movie with Efron. I went on a movie binge all thanks to you and this movie! :D

That’s awesome! One thing though, it is so funny how these small royal countries have tiny capitals, big airports, a castle in the middle of nowhere (and in the Prince one they actually showed that country on a map and it was HUGE.) But yes it does not have to make sense.

Nope they never do. For such a small capital and so do these people live so richly? These are small countries...I can’t imagine many tourists go there. LOL. 

It did bug me that they kept calling her Lady X, I mean she is the almost queen. But I brushed it off as Americans know nothing ;)

OMG I know. I kept trying to not let it bug me or explain it away. Maybe their titles are all weird or something?????? IDK, but I wanted to scream. Dang script writers. 

The weird things that bug us ;) We know too much

Yess. We know  too much. We should write our own movie script and send it to them. OHHH another thing that I noticed...and it bugged me (BF even notated it as he walked in and watched 10 mins of the hectic switching parts) WHERE are the bodyguards? She is going to be Queen in a few days….shouldn’t there be protection of SOME sort? 

Obvi not needed, she had like a secretary and I guess that was it. Oh and those two guards at the front of the house that we saw once. It should be staff everywhere.

Yesss. I get her not having any in the first movie. She was JUST a duchess...but she is about to take lead of the country. Obv there could be assassins or KIDNAPPING. *cough* Sighs. No wonder why her cousin abdicated and said no thank you when the old King died. Hahaha

No protection needed. No trouble here. Lol, everyone is happy in that country! But yes, so many cheesy silly things that does not make sense. And that is why we would not think too hard. Oh and you must watch XMas prince. All on netflix

Nope you can’t take these films too seriously. They are fun and cute. Makes one feel like a hawt prince can take you away and you would live a fab life with no bills or issues. Just the occasional “fight” with the prince on how loves each other more hehe. Yes, I need to watch those too now especially since they take place in the same happy-go-lucky world! 

I did not know it before this one, but I guess Europe is filled with Kingdoms

LOL I wish. We need more hawt princess (and princesses for those that want that). 

I am sure there are more :D

Yess! We need more!! 

So you are saying we should do a xmas movie in Dec too...ok deal!

I won’t fight ya ;) Movies, like this one, are awesome feel-good movies for the holiday season. 

We will find a good one! The end?

The end. :) 


Blodeuedd said...

We so need to pick a new one

Carole Rae said...

We do we do.

Sophia Rose said...

I tolerate more cheesiness and plot issues in Christmas movies than any other. Fun reading your discussion. You made me giggle a few times.

Carole Rae said...

Agreed! I am more forgiving ;) And yayy! Glad we made you giggle!