Tuesday, August 25

Book Review: As The Stars Fall by Steve N. Lee

As The Stars Fall

Author: Steve N. Lee 
Title: As The Stars Fall
Genre: Contemporary fiction, Coming-of-age
Format: ebook
Pages: 300
Published: August 25th 2020 

Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

Summary: A desperate dog. A scarred girl. A bond nothing can break.

When a young girl suffering with her own tragedy comes across an injured young dog, she can’t resist helping him. Both having braved the worst the world had to throw at them, the pair quickly form an unbreakable bond. They picture their future as an endless stream of adventures filled with love, laughter, and good times.

But life has one last cruel trick to play…

At one moment heart-warming, the next heart-breaking, this is the story of a desperate dog’s roller coaster journey to be the one thing every good dog dreams of being – a best friend. Through a touching tale, As The Stars Fall explores how compassion can make us whole again and friendship can heal even the most broken of hearts.

Review: I am in love with stories like this. It always hits me right in the feels! 

The story follows a young, desperate dog who has not had a lot of luck. A young girl finds him suffering in a moldy old box and takes him home. Little do they realize that they need each other. They quickly form an unbreakable bond that will last forever. 

Where is my box of tissue?? This had me feeling all the feels. I had tears of joy and tears of sorrow. This author certainly played with my emotions with this one. I felt so bad for that dog and that girl. They really needed each other! It really struck a chord and made me have a lot of self-reflection and take a second look and remember all the animals and all the people that have come and gone in my life. It was a beautiful story for sure. 

I simply love stories set in the animal point of view. It's tough (trust me, I had to do a short story for my creative writing class and it was tough) to really get it right and not be cliche or awkward. The author did an awesome and it felt natural and right and it fit the story that was being told. 

OOOoooOOOoooooOOO that ending had me a blubbering mess. It was so good! But oooooooo the feels!

Honestly...I want to re-read this. It was quick but it certainly was awesome. I finished this in just a couple of sittings. This could've been 500 pages and I would have read every single page. 

No issues at all for me. I was hooked from page 1 until the end. I do wish we had more of a conclusion with Dad though. Maybe he'll get a book someday. ;) I think he really needs something/someone. 

Overall, I highly recommend this. Just be prepared to feel ALL the emotions and all the feels. It was such a good story. Amazing characters and a great story. This is for sure a strong contender for the best book of the year. ;) I'll give this 5 stars of course. 


Melliane said...

Oh that's great for this one!

Jen Twimom said...

OH... sounds so sweet... like a Disney movie! Glad you enjoyed so much.

Blodeuedd said...

You are so lucky when getting choosing books:D

Sophia Rose said...

I've been a fan of animal stories since I read Black Beauty. Good to know this is fab, but tissues are a necessity.

Carole Rae said...

Meliane, yesss!

Jen, this would be a cute Disney movie.

B, LOL so are you! We just stink at joint ones ;) But Murderbot is going good!

Sophia, yesss you will need them.