Tuesday, September 25

Time for TV: Victoria (Season 2)

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It took FOREVER for Amazon to have season 2 for free on Prime. I nearly caved and bought it, but I waited and I was given this! Yayy!

We get to see more of Young Vicky in the early stages of her marriage. I think we are about 6 years in now or so? It’s hard to really tell at some points because time seems to slide by and next thing you know the baby is now 5 or 6 and Vicky is preggo again.

The beginning of the show really does focus on her recovery from her first childbirth. Poor Vicky. She still has to prove herself to these men. GRRR men! She is the damn queen not a normal woman. I’m glad the PM and her hubbie realize this and just let her be her and do what she needs to do. 

I like the Vicky they have. It still weirds me out about her colored contacts. Sometimes it looks real…sometimes…not so much. Just have her have her natural eyes or cast a blue-eyed woman. Giving someone a wig is way easier. But the actress has done well and I am surprised. I was a little uneasy with her, but she has slid into the Vicky shoes and has done well. I like Albert. He fits well. I LOVE Ernest, but I am biased because I adore the actor. He can do no wrong ;) Except I am a little mad with Ernest. FOOL! Damned fool. SMH. Did you not learn? 

The rest of the cast is good. I also love how they tie in the servants and their stories. Everything fits nicely. Yes, the show is about good ol’ Vickey, but I feel they keep it more interesting showing everyone else. The servants get a story. The hubbie and his brother get a story. It is all nice and it flows perfectly. 

My only real issue is the time passages. It can be a little jolting when they skip a couple of years and you are unaware until you see the kids all older or etc. Lots of material to covers, but I would like some sort of notification when there is going to be more than a few months’ time jumping. 

Overall, I love, love LOVE this show. I want to start with season 1 again and re-watch the whole show. SOOOO when is season 3 coming out? This left me with tears and I must know more! The time jumps and the eye contacts bug me a touch, but overall this is a really good show. I’ll stamp this season with 4 stars. 


Melliane said...

I haven't tried this one

Blodeuedd said...

Yes omg Ernest, you poor fool

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, you must!

B, yesss lovable fool

vvb32 reads said...

This is one I haven't gotten around to yet. But definitely sounds good per your thoughts.