Sunday, September 16

Audiobook Review: Wolf Bride by Elizabeth Moss

Author: Elizabeth Moss
Narrator: Charlotte Anne Dore
Title: Wolf Bride (Lust in the Tudor Court #1)
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: Audiobook
Published: August 29th 2013
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

Lord Wolf, hardened soldier and expert lover, has come to King Henry VIII's court to claim his new bride: a girl who has intrigued him since he first saw her riding across the Yorkshire moors.

Eloise Tyrell, now lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn, has other ideas. She has no desire to submit to a man she barely knows and who-though she is loath to admit it-frightens her more than a little.

Their first kiss awakens in both a fierce desire that bares them to the soul. But as the court erupts into scandal around the ill-fated Queen, Eloise sees firsthand what happens when powerful men tire of their wives...

What drew me in? It was the blurb and then that cover. It is beautiful.

Now, the story follows Eloise who is a lady-in-waiting for Queen Anne B. Lord Wolf is ready for a wife to start a family with. He remembers sweet Eloise from their childhood and decides she is the wife for him. He gets permission from her pop and the King. Soooo they are forced to get married. Poor Eloise, but at least he is pretty hot. 

The first scene of the book nearly pushed me away. BUT I trekked forward and it got better. I was a little bitter with the author and still am. Mmmm. I cannot say what but I was annoyed with how the author made Queen Anne B look. Sure nothing happened, but I was annoyed. That is all I will say there. 

It was interesting to see this relationship pan out. They are not friends. They do not get along. They do not want love. The only thing they share is lust. Slowly, they grow to like each other, but it was hard. Every single time they seemed to be on the same page SOMEONE has to ruin it. Either Wolf or Eloise. It did get old. I do not like head game's and these two are terrible. COMMUNICATION PEOPLE! *shakes fist* UGH. 

What was even more frustrating was the fact they got mad if the other player played mind games to them. UMMM then stop all the mind games if you don't want it back on you!!!! GRR!

Things happen and they are forced to bear witness to the fall of Queen Anne. This scares Eloise as would any wife! I wouldn't want to marry. Seeing a man so easily shake off his wife and have her killed is sort of scary especially if your life revolves around men. First your pop and then your hubbie. Scary, scary. 

But yes, this was a pretty good story. This was pretty dark and no one is perfect. You can see WHY these characters have issues but it does grate on the nerves when the solution is so, so simple. Communicate!!!!! Sighs.  I had a hard time walking away and I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. 

The narrator I liked her accents and drama she added. But my goodness...she was overdramatic at parts. She would be whispering and then SCREAM! Made me jump. Too much for me. I think I would've liked reading this more. 

Overall, I did enjoy this story even with these bone-headed characters who liked to play mind games but don't like the game turned on them. SMH. I am curious to see Eloise's sister's story in the next book. I'll stamp this with 3 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

I mean, she was highborn, what chance could she have to marry for love. Other ideas, oh you silly ELoise

Melliane said...

curious to see what you think of the next one

Carole Rae said...

B, right? Small chance there

Melliane, someday!

Carol said...

Doesn't sound like one I'd enjoy, especially with an overly dramatic narrator.

Carole Rae said...

Carol, I don't blame you. I think I might've liked it better if I had read it. LOL