Monday, September 17

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Bluestone & Vine by Donna Kauffman

Audio CD, 10 pages
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Published July 31st 2018 by Tantor Audio (first published June 26th 2018)
Blue Hollow Falls #2
Contemporary romance
For review

My thoughts:
Seth is a man trying to start grow grapes and make something out of it. He is ex ranger. Kind of silent. Nice and he wants to be left alone to get some work done. But hey who can blame him, he has a lot to do.

In comes the whirlwind that is Pippa. She needs to relax and find herself again. She is a famous folk-music singer (ok how that makes her a household name I do wonder, and it makes me want to hear her music.) She is to stay there (not his idea!). i liked Pippa, she was so sweet and kind to everyone. She become friends with everyone at once and made them feel good.

And there is not even any major drama. Except for these two to get that they should be together. He is so busy, and yes obviously they live on different continents. But I liked how nothing dramatic happened or how they communicated (so many don't). and I like that.

Everyone else were lovely too. Seth's elderly neighbor was a sweetie. The two kids that help out with the animals were fun. And then there was someone who I hoped would get a book and yes the next book will be about that person.

A sweet romance. It is only missing some music!

Narrator Amanda Ronconi
She did a good job with everyone, and I am a sucker for an Irish accent :)

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Carole Rae said...

What a weird name!

Sophia Rose said...

LOL, a folk singer might be good but they generally aren't a household name in my book either. Oh, they communicate? I like it already. ;)

Blodeuedd said...

I guess it works well together?

And even though they say she is not wellknown in the States then sure they know her there too