Saturday, July 28

Saturday Movie Night - A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

Hello everyone! This month Blodeuedd and I are reviewing, A Wrinkle in Time. 

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in blue.

Title:  A Wrinkle in Time
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Family
Running Time: 1 hr and 49 mins
Rating: PG
Released: 2018

After the disappearance of her scientist father, three peculiar beings send Meg, her brother, and her friend to space in order to find him.



Good day m’am!

Hi! Let’s start with our movie discussion then :D

Yess, so this was a random last minute pick. And it wasn’t bad...but it wasn’t really good either. I wanted to like it because it has a good cast and the story seemed interesting enough, buuuuuuuuuuut ya

I have heard that people love the book and that the movie was so good! And honestly I was disappointing. It was really meh, all the time.

I believe I had read the book...I can’t honestly remember. This really was a disappointment. It had potential but I couldn’t get past the acting. It all felt so awkward all the time.

The 3---what were they? Goddesses? Witches? Anyway, none of them excelled. The girl, the young boy, double yawn. Why was he even there? The only good thing about that movie was her young brother. I felt like he did a great job. Sorry kids!

Yess he really was the best character and the best actor. Everyone else felt so fake and so awkward. The Misses (I think that is what they were called) were useless. The girl was so awkward. I swear if she adjusted her glasses or screams one more time I was going to die. LOL The adults in this world sucked. And that young boy? He felt like he was just added for a romantic element.

Why couldn’t they find the dad!?
That boy, yes a romantic element, but all he did was standing there mooning and I was all, insta love is lame. He should have been cut out.
The girl, well the premise of her was excellent. Doing all to save her brother, but I felt they had not written her part well. Maybe she is better in the book.

Agreed. He was just space to try and help the girl feel good about herself. Yes, her premise was good, but the writing and acting made her annoying. The brother was right about everything he said at that one point. The dad was a jerk for that. Why would you just touch the wrinkle? Not call for someone or do something. And what was he doing for 4 years? Sighs.

More an idiot than a jerk, oh and he should be dead.
But let’s talk about that stupid black thing going through space making people evil. *eye roll* I just could not. People were bitches long before that black blob made it to earth.

Unless it got here eons ago? They were not very clear

Didn’t they say it was getting closer?

*shrugs* I honestly don’t remember. It took three times to get through the film. Hahaha I might’ve missed it.
It’s not like I paid any better attention to it. Took me over a week to watch it. Oh and did they even defeat it now when I think about it? Omg maybe I did not even watch the end--nope, I did. Everyone was happy.

That end had me annoyed. Too happy. Nothing felt real. But yes, I was pretty done after the scene when the bully pretty much said she wished the main girl was dead and when the main girl defended herself she got in trouble. OH and the adults were legit talking shit about the brother and sister out in the open. Like really? Really? >_>

That just felt like bad writing. It also felt like the movie did not know where it stood. I felt it could have been more a kid’s movie. Now it tried things, or, I do not know. It was messy.

Yes, the writing was bad. Sure the effects were good and cool, but the film felt off and awkward.

Right like when she saved them and he was all my heroine! It made me lol. Come on, what kind of teen boy would do that? I mean that look on him. This was an author’s/director’s wet dream. That the nerd gets her man.

It really was. The main girl did nothing. He fell head-over-heels after she threw a ball in that chick’s face and he was all SWOON! I LOVE YOUR HAIR! WHA?

He felt weird and stalkerish haha.

It did. Like stop talking about her hair. Creeper.

At least I saw him looking dreamingly at her. I do not think it came across much from her side. And he who followed her to other worlds. A girl saves the day! I guess we are supposed to be all girl power! And haha he is just in the background, but why should anyone just stand there being useless?

They really were shoving the girl power down our throats. If they really wanted to make a point they would’ve cut his character. He was just there to make her feel pretty and loved. He had no uses. Which is not fair for him. No character should just be a filler.

You are right. I would have liked it better with him gone and her saving the day!

I think it would’ve helped a small bit. Maybe...the writing and acting was still meh. I liked the premise of the story and the effects, but that is it.

I liked some of the worlds, the premise and the concept of the Misses. But the writing did not work for me. Too many things started to bug me and it was a chore watching it.

The worlds were cool. I wanted more of those. See more!

That movie was confusing when I think back. Watch something else instead. But if kids like it then good. We oldies analyze too much ;)

LOL we really do. I think the kids would only the like worlds and the effects. The story bits are boring. So just play the good bits with the flowers over and over. Hahaha

I did like that world the best too ;)

So pretty! I want them in my garden

That would be something.
Anyway final thoughts. Just cos a movie passes the bechel test or whatever it was called. Does not mean I will care one bit. I like what it try to show, but I wish it has been done in a better way

Agreed. The writing and acting were just so awkward and cringe-worthy at times. The premise of the characters and concept were good, but yes, the execution was a big meh for me.

Better luck next time! ;)

Yesss! It was good that we watched it. I was curious. Until next time!!



Blodeuedd said...

I think Kaj paid zero attention to this one while w watched

Melliane said...

I was actually curious to know if it was good or not

Carole Rae said...

B, he was like me. I had a hard time hahaha

Melliane, maybe you'll like it more.

vvb32 reads said...

I liked this for the cast and some of the special effects. Of course, book is always better.

Carole Rae said...

I must read this book (or re-read).