Thursday, July 12

Book Review: Gather the Stars by Kimberly Gates

Author: Kimberly Gates
Title: Gather the Stars (Culloden's Fire #1)
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: ebook
Published: 1996
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

The Glen Lyon was a legend of the Highlands, a masked rider the British could not capture, the sworn enemy of Rachel de Lacey, the general's daughter. Kidnapped in the midst of a British officer's ball, Rachel is carried to the Glen Lyon's lair. Determined to defy the Scottish rebel, Rachel is unprepared for what happens when the Glen Lyon is unmasked. 

Gavin Carstares, Earl of Glenlyon is a strong, but haunted man instead of the villain she believed him to be, he's the hero she's always dreamed of. His mission-- to save the women and children of Scotland from the slaughter waged by Rachel's own fiancé. Gavin never imagined he would lose his heart to the general's daughter, then have to return her to the man he hates most in the world. As the heather hills caught fire with their passion, they forge a love worth defying a king's army.

Been a hot minute since I've read a HR and then I saw this was a freebie and grabbed it up!

The story follows Glen Lyon who is a legend and hero among the Highlands. However, he is battling his demons. To save a load of women and children, he and his men decide to take a risk and kidnap the fiance of Glen's enemy and use her as a hostage to get safe passage for their refugees. 

Oooo Glen/Gavin you idiot. I liked him a lot, but I really wanted to smack him especially at the end when we find out the truth what happened on that terrible day. He is so haunted and considers himself the biggest coward. Ugh!! You are not you idiot male! Normally I do not mind the haunted male, but he was a selfish man and I wanted to kick him. 

Rachel was much more than what I bargained for. I was worried she was going to instantly fall in love and etc, but she had a backbone and she was a fighter. I liked her a lot. It took a strong woman to deal with the likes of Glen/Gavin *grumbles about idiot men*

The ending was good. I was a little shocked by the big ol' reveal at the end. I figured a certain character had more to play with the story, but I had zero idea HOW big of a part this character would play. I was happy. This character deserves an HEA too!!

In the end, this was an interesting story. I had my doubts about how everything was going to be fixed and how they were going to have their HEA. Glen/Gavin needed a smack, but Rachel was able to figure him out so it works. I'll stamp this with 3. I am curious to see what is next for the series.  


Blodeuedd said...

They really should make better backstories, often when I find out a secret there is just something either lame about it, or they are kicking themselves for nothing or....

Carole Rae said...

Like... i get why he was haunted but I was mad because. ..for goos reasons