Tuesday, July 10

Tell Me Something Tuesday: eReaders and eBooks

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What do you like about reading on an ereader?

When ereaders first came out I was so anti-ereaders. I hated ebooks and I was a die-heart PAPER BOOKS ONLY! The only reason I started reading ebooks was due to a publisher who could only send me an ebook. I reallllyyyyy wanted to read this said book, so I agreed with a groan. 

A couple weeks later, I was reading a paper book in school and I was teased because it was a romance. Young Carole was not having this, so I found the ebook version and that is when my love of ebooks came bloomed. 

Paper books will always be my preferred way to enjoy a story, but I adore ebooks and ereaders. I have a Kindle Fire and two different ebook apps on my cell phone just in case I have books that do not come from Amazon or if I am feeling too lazy to hook my Kindle up and download it to there. It is so convenient to have access to ebooks. Here are some reasons WHY reading on an ereader is amazing:

- It is an instant download compared to having to wait for the book to arrive via snail mail or the library (curse those waitlists *shakes fist*). 

- I love being able to lay in bed or read on a plane without a light. Not the best for the eyes, but sometimes I do not want to get up and turn the light off or on. 

- Can carry around SO MANY BOOKS AT ONE TIME! No more overly heavy bags

- Can read books without people asking questions or teasing you about what you are reading (darn kids)

Now….ereaders are amazing, but there are some huge letdowns that make me hate them:

- Hard to navigate and find a certain page for quotes and etc. 

- Batteries do die eventually. 

- You don’t get to see the cover as much or read the summary whenever you want

- The smell of the paper (yes, I love smelling books…who are you to judge me ;D)

- You cannot display the book on your shelf and have your guest oogle over

- Hard to loan a copy to friend or family member

Overall, I love ereaders, but they will never take the place of the real deal. 

A pic from the airplane. Doesn't this look like heavean?


Blodeuedd said...

SO right in everything. I agree :)

They are good, but books are easier. But ebooks travel better

Carole Rae said...


Sophia Rose said...

I was not an easy sell on an e-reader, either. Two things were the clincher. First, my eyesight was going and I struggled to read the font of mass market paperbacks (the majority of what I read until then) and I discovered that some books I wanted to read were ONLY available as ebooks. Later, the review ARCS thing would have been an issue, too.

Now, I'm comfortable with my Kindle Fire.

but, yes, miss reading all print, summaries and covers, past pages, maps or charts at the beginning, book smell!!!

Carole Rae said...

Sophie, yes it really is easier on the eyes. You can adjust the font to what is best!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

I'm still not a huge fan of ebooks but they do come in handy for the instant need or for freebies that's for sure :)

Carole Rae said...

They do have some awesome benefits