Monday, July 23

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Off the Grid by Monica McCarty

Audio CD, 11 h
Expected publication: July 24th 2018 by Tantor Audio (first published July 3rd 2018)
The Lost Platoon #2
Romantic Suspense
Narrator: Charles Lawrence
Speed: 1.8x
For review

My thoughts:
John was hiding out in Finland! Wohoo. Though the bad thing is that I am very aware that the narrator did not pronounce the city he was in or the name of his friend correctly. He said it more like it was written, which is wrong. See, those thing I would not have know if John had not been in Finland!

An op went wrong. Now 6 seals are hiding. John chose Finland and makes it sound very awesome up north if I can say. I doubt it is that fun off season. There are blondes and he drinks. He is a good guy, but he is not meant to do "nothing" (of course he has a job and even saved a life, but I guess that is nothing for him.)

Then there is Brittany that we heard about in book 1. She has been writing articles about missing seals and she is a bloodhound. In a good way. She wants to find out what happened to her brother.

So they will meet. And did I mention that they had a fling 5 years ago and she is so not over him ;)

There is also danger since someone do not like her articles. And of course the Seals want to keep on hiding.

And I must not forget. Another couple got a lot of time in the spotlight, and yes it was a bit strange. Cold and Kate are trying to find out what happened too and they too have a history. Their story is not over in this book so I guess it will spill over into the next one. I did like them but dang that man has issues.

Romance, suspense and the hunt continues to catch a traitor. I enjoyed the ride

He did a great job (even if he can not pronounce Levi ;) I liked him more than the narrator for book 1 and he does feel great for this one

A team of Navy SEALs go on a mission and disappear without a trace-they are The Lost Platoon. Investigative reporter Brittany Blake may have stumbled upon the story of a lifetime in her search for her missing brother. When he seemingly disappears overnight, she refuses to accept the Navy's less-than-satisfying explanation. She begins her own investigation, which leads her to top-secret SEAL teams, covert ops, and a possible cover up . . . John Donovan is having trouble biding his time, waiting for his Commanding Officer to figure out who set up their platoon. John's best friend and BUD/S partner, Brandon Blake, was one of the many lives tragically lost in the attack against his team. When Brandon's sister, Brittany, tracks John down, looking for answers, he realizes that she may be their best bet-or bait-for finding out who is targeting SEAL Team Nine. Contains mature themes. 


Sophia Rose said...

I got off to a bad start with the first books, but maybe I'll give book two a try in audio.

Melliane said...

it's been a while since I haven't read a book like that

Carole Rae said...

Glad this narrator was better!!

Blodeuedd said...

I do feel like print would have annoyed me with book 1, but audio worked ;)

Mel :)

So much better