Tuesday, June 12

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Midyear Update - Favorite Reads, Goal Progress etc.

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Midyear Update - Favorite Reads, Goal Progress etc. 

Halfway done already? Where is time going????????

Here are my goals that I listed earlier in the year for TMST - 

"READING GOALS: I know for sure I want to read 108 books this year. Don’t judge me on my odd number of books ;). My secret goal is for 110 books, but I don’t have faith in myself. I start the challenge SO strong, but I fall apart during the summer. Luckily I won’t have school or moving to hinder me. Hopefully this will be the first year where I literally have NO excuses to slack in my reading or posting on my blog. Which brings me to my next goal.

BLOG GOALS: I plan to try and post more frequently this year! Usually I would go through posting a lot to posting once a week. The goal for this year is to have a post at least 6 days out of the 7 days of the week. One day during the week I may take a breather and not post anything. Ideally I would like a daily post of my randomness…but let’s take some baby steps. Maybe 2019 we can up the goal!

MOVIE GOALS: I want to at least watch one movie a week and have a review for it. Last year I went through bursts. Watching a lot…then nothing for days. One movie a week is my goal! If I can get two I would take a shot of whiskey in celebration. 

AUDIOBOOK GOALS: Here is a rough one I have always struggled with. This year I want to listen to at least 2 audiobooks. So far I have already listened to one. This is a very doable goal for some, but for me? I struggle. I have a hard time finding audios and if the narrator is boring I for sure skip it and read the book myself. So we shall! I would faint if I listen to more than 2 this year!! Again..baby steps. Maybe 2019 I can push that number up a hair. We shall see. 

PERSONAL LIFE GOALS: I would like to say I want to lose more weight. But the number doesn’t bug me anymore. I just want to be healthier. Now that we have our own house, we are making our own little gym in the tool shed. So far we have weights, weighted-jump rope, and a punching bag. I’m currently saving money for an elliptical for me. My goal for this year is to work out at least 2 times a week. I don’t see this happening until I get my elliptical, so I will be nice to myself until I get that. For now, I’ll just walk and maybe punch on the punching bag and do a couple of weights here and there."

First...reading goals: I have done well this year. Currently, I am four books ahead of my goal. Huzzah!!!!!

Second....blog goals: Doing pretty good with my posts. There are a couple of weeks here and there I miss the goal of posting 6 days. But there have been weeks when I post all 7 days. It evens out I think ;)

Third....movie goals: Doing pretty good here too. I go in batches...I watch a ton of movies and then nothing, but I have a back-up of reviews to give. I think there was one or two weeks when I had nothing to give. LOL

Fourth...audiobook goals: I have outdone myself. I wanted to listen to only 2 books this year. Errr! I have listened to WAY more than 2 books. I am not even sure the number. Minimum one a month. 

Lastly....personal life goals: I've lost 9 lbs thanks to the KETO diet. It took 2 months...but I did it. I've drifted away from KETO but have maintained the weight loss from it. I would like to go back on it maybe...but I'm not sure it works well for my body. I was supposed to lose more than that. NOT complaining at all for sure. I have been doing okay with my working out. No elliptical yet...but I have been doing SOMETHING every day to stay active and make-up for my sitting job. I need to do more though. 

Painted thia at Painting with a Twist. Yesss that quote is from 'Beauty and the Beast'. 


Blodeuedd said...

I am going to bursts too, I did watch a REALLY Crappy movie this week, omg soooo bad, I do not even think I wanna review it, but then I do review bad movies so....

Carole Rae said...

REVIEW IT! Even bad reviews are fun to read.