Saturday, June 16

Book Review: The King's Witch by Tracy Borman

Author: Tracy Borman
Title: The King's Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy #1)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: ebook
Expected publication: July 3rd, 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Netgalley)

In March of 1603, as she helps to nurse the dying Queen Elizabeth of England, Frances Gorges dreams of her parents’ country estate, where she has learned to use flowers and herbs to become a much-loved healer. She is happy to stay at home when King James of Scotland succeeds to the throne. His court may be shockingly decadent, but his intolerant Puritanism sees witchcraft in many of the old customs—punishable by death.

But when her ambitious uncle forcibly brings Frances to the royal palace, she is a ready target for the twisted scheming of the Privy Seal, Lord Cecil. As a dark campaign to destroy both King and Parliament gathers pace, culminating in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, Frances is surrounded by danger, finding happiness only with the King’s precocious young daughter, and with Tom Wintour, the one courtier she feels she can trust. But is he all that he seems?

Honestly...when was the last time I read a book about the Gunpowder Plot or any book right after Queen Elizabeth I's death? *thinks* Been a LONG time indeed. 

The story follows Frances who helped nurse the old queen in her older years. She was encouraged to become a medicine woman with her flowers and herbs. Things changed when the queen died and James took the throne next. Night and day indeed. Things happen and she is twisted in danger of being called a witch and treason. 

Darn that uncle of Frances'! She just wanted to be at peace with her flowers and herbs. He drags her to court where she knows bad things can happen ESPECIALLY with a crazy man like King James. All Elizabeth did and promoted blown to smithereens by this crazy man and Cecil. Gah. 

This was good. I had no idea what was going to happen. I know my history and the basics of the Gunpowder Plot, but I was worried for Frances. I just wanted her to be happy and safe. I did root for the plot to succeed especially seeing what that lunatic was doing. I really wanted Queen Anne and the princess to take over. He was not sane and neither was his eldest son. 

This is part of a series...I wonder what poor Frances will have to go through next. I'm not sure where else this story can through. 

Now, there were some parts that dragged on. I held firm and then I was hooked again to the story. There were some bits that I felt were fillers. Overall though? I was hooked.

In the end, this was pretty good. I liked Frances and I worried about her. This was a dangerous time for everyone. No one was safe. Why couldn't Elizabeth had been immortal or picked someone better to succeed her???? Sighs. 

But yes...worth the read. I enjoyed this. Good characters, good story (minus the fillers), and an interesting time period. I'll give this.....mmmm....3 stars. 


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