Thursday, June 28

June is Audiobook Month: A New Love of Audiobooks

As long as I could remember, I have been neutral to audiobooks. I would listen to one every now and then. I had issues listening to these unless it was a story I really wanted to listen to or had to (i.e. school). This is the first year where I realized that maybe I should try audiobooks and really and truly give them a chance. Plus, I had a ton of credits in Amazon for some free ones. Being a working woman with a long commute to work also really encouraged this decision.

My original goal was to listen to 2 this year. A nice goal, but I have blown past this goal. I am at 9 now and it is only June. This is a lot for me. I have really surprised myself. Maybe being old now has made me wiser. 

I’ve really enjoyed listening to these. I have such a bundle left to listen to! Blodeuedd actually gave me a huge stack for Christmas and I haven’t even started that stack yet. I’m slowly getting through these freebies from Amazon Audible. Nearly there. I’ll probably start the bundle Blodeuedd sent to me next month or August. She certainly gave me a ton and I am excited. 

Blodeuedd actually asked me to write this post to share my thoughts and opinions, so here I am. She honestly is to blame for my sudden liking of audiobooks. I am now getting addicted. I am not 100% addicted yet, but I am getting there yet. Lately, I have been listening to audiobooks outside of my normal times I listen. 

Here are some that I liked and I recommend seem to be better listened to than actually reading. The narrator really brought this story alive and I really feel I enjoyed the book because of the narrator: 

Sometimes the story can be amazing and the narration can be amazing. There are two audiobooks that I LOVED and are some of the best stories I have listened to this year:

I am excited to see what I will listen to next!


Blodeuedd said...

Your goal was 2!? Wohoo, you are so past that :D

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