Tuesday, March 20

Time for TV Tuesday - Versailles (Season 1)

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Versailles (Season 1)

Season 2 is finally arrived! It has been SO long since I watched Season 1, so I had to re-watch the season just to brush off the dust. It was so good the first time that I honestly did not mind. 

Ooooooh Versailles. This is the number 1 place I want to visit. I have many reasons….for the history, for architectural reasons, for the gardens, for personal reasons, and so many other reasons. Whenever I see or hear about Versailles I feel so connected with it. I can see it in my mind’s eye. So beautiful. So naturally I had to watch this show. 

The show follows King Louis on is voyage to build a new city for his court. This came to him in a dream and he realized that this is the New France that he wanted to build. He wanted this to be his pyramid. His mark upon the world. Along with this, he has to deal with jerky nobles who are all jerks and with all the intrigue of people trying to kill him or the ones he loves. It is not easy being a King. Sure you get all the food and women you want. All the riches are yours. But you also become a glittering target and sometimes friends become enemies and you love your loved ones through death or betrayal. Life is never easy. 

I adore the actor who plays King Louis. He is wonderful. He certainly embodies the man and I couldn’t think of someone better. I also adore his head of Security, Fabian. Oh! And I love the Gardner. I also love poor Sophie. Bless her little heart. Honestly, the whole cast does well. My only nick pick is that the vast majority of people have the English accents (which whatever – I’m used to it by now), but the ONE English character has a Swiss-French accent. I like her a lot, but it is a little confusing. There were times she was able to care off an English-French accent, but the majority of the time it was heavily a Swiss-French accent. She was a wonderful Henriette, but it took a minute to get used to the accents. I just wish everyone would share one accent in these films. Like everyone do French or do English or do Swiss. Just want some continuity lollll. 

Anyways….yes, the cast did wonderful overall. 

I have no real complaints about Season 1. I started Season 2 the other day. I’m trying not binge watch it since I just binged watched season 1, but it is hard. 

This is a really good show. I highly recommend it for my fellow History Buffs. Some big and small inaccuracies, but nothing annoyingly untrue that is just too much. 

FYI – be warned…the last episode will drive you to continue to season 2. It drove me mad for a long time and then they finally saved me by coming out with the next season. Thank goodness.  

I’ll give season 1 a 5. More so a 4.5, but I rounded since I don’t give decimals. 


Blodeuedd said...

I tend to hate accents. They just make no sense. Like in vikings where everyone speak accented English...why? Just speak like you do, you are speaking norse anyway.

Hehe pet peeve

Melliane said...

Icould try this one

Carole Rae said...

B, it is a big pet peeve of mine too.

Melliane, it is goooddd. Almost done with season 2