Friday, March 23

Book Review: Dagon by HP Lovecraft

Author: HP Lovecraft
Title: Dagon
Genre: Horror, Fiction, Short Story
Pages: 13
Published: 1919
Where I Got It: My shelf (Gift)

The story is the testament of a tortured, morphine-addicted man who relates an incident that occurred during his service as an officer during World War I.

I needed a little Lovecraft in my reading recently. Quick, simple, and horrifying all in one. Precisely what I needed after tackling two large novels. My poor brain!

But yes, this was certainly dark. The narrator is a stranded man who comes across something terrifying. However, he’s been lost at sea for ages…soooooo how trusty is this man’s sanity? One will never truly know and that scares me even more! Maybe he envisioned in? Maybe it was ACTUALLY true? I’m leaning towards it is actually true. Dark world and all. 

And ew...that creature is gross. LOL! Gross, but scary. 

A very good Lovecraft and I recommend it since it is so short but it really is filled with a good story. 

I’ll give this 5 stars. Nothing to complain about with this one!


vvb32 reads said...

I may try this one. I've been wanting to read more HP. I tried one story from a collection but it was a meh story for me. So, I set the book aside.

Carole Rae said...

I have a collection of his works and my goal is to read all of them. But yeah he does have some meh ones