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Joint Discussion: Iron Gold by Pierce Brown

Hello all! Blodeuedd and I will be discussing "Iron Gold" by Pierce Brown. Blodeudd is in green and I am in red.  

Author: Pierce Brown
Title: Iron Gold (Red Rising Saga #4)
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Pages: ebook
Being Published: Jan 16th, 2018 
Where I Got It: My Shelf (Amazon)

A decade ago, Darrow was the hero of the revolution he believed would break the chains of the Society. But the Rising has shattered everything: Instead of peace and freedom, it has brought endless war. Now he must risk everything he has fought for on one last desperate mission. Darrow still believes he can save everyone, but can he save himself?

And throughout the worlds, other destinies entwine with Darrow’s to change his fate forever: 

A young Red girl flees tragedy in her refugee camp and achieves for herself a new life she could never have imagined.

An ex-soldier broken by grief is forced to steal the most valuable thing in the galaxy—or pay with his life.

And Lysander au Lune, the heir in exile to the sovereign, wanders the stars with his mentor, Cassius, haunted by the loss of the world that Darrow transformed, and dreaming of what will rise from its ashes.

Do you want to start? ;)

Sighssss I guess. LOL! Soooo. The first half was awesome. Second half? No. Just a big fat ol’ yawn. What about you?

Omg omg, it was so DULL LIKE boring, horrible. Blergh. LOL. Honestly everything was boring except for Darrow and even he had dull moments.But he was the saving grace cos else this would have been a DNF. I was very disappointed.

Yes, Darrow wasn’t bad, but he irritated me. I feel like all he wanted was war even when some sort of peace was there. IDK. But I agree, I would’ve DNFed this without Darrow. I am so bummed. This really felt like a copy-paste from his past books. He tried to introduce new characters but they were super bleh. No one cares. Keep to the original cast. I didn’t want to read those POVs. Only the main people’s.

Exactly! That girl Lyria, yawn! Ephraim, double yawn, Lysander, well he had moments but mostly yawn.
Darrow’s lust for war this not bother me, that place needs war cos everyone are idiots. It is not a society that can stand as it is now either. A senate, psawh, I say every planet and moon needs their own senate. Now everyone is running wild and dying.

But yes wtf 10 more years of war? Why was this book even necessary!?

And why did Darrow think it a good idea to settle down with someone FROM the senate? Like that was a great idea. SMH. And I agree this society sucks. I just wished that we didn’t have this book and just went over the last couple of years of the war and be done with it. This was a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooooooooooooongggggggggg bridge to the next book which I think is the finale? Gawd knows.

Are you sure. You know so there are not one in between? Ugh. But yes how the F can they even save this place? And since I do not care for anyone except for Darrow and the Howlers and I say LET THEM BURN

I’m not 100% sure. I hope there is just one more….this series cannot be dragged out anymore! I agree...terrible place. Let it burn. Darrow should’ve taken his kid and wife ages ago and live somewhere remote. Not worth the price in blood honestly.

I certainly not like the wife anymore either. Sigh, I mean, sure book 1 had issues but it made it up in the end. But this one, everything was all blargh. POVS I could not care for att all. I mean that thief, I remember nothing? Lyria, why are the big shots even giving her the time of the day? Make us care. Instead we have the same stupid society. Nothing changed! I was still horrified for all the poor Pinks. Anyone that seemed to have made it out were Reds and they were in camps.

Ugh that wife. I liked her in the past but she did go overboard. I get the law is the law, but c’mon...Sighs. Poor Pinks. Poor everyone.

I am sure he is gonna kill Darrow and I will never ever ever ever forgive him. ...EVER

Of COURSE HE WILL! Last book, last paragraph. BOOM dead. He saved the world and everyone is happy, but he dies. That is how it will end. I would be surprised if it doesn’t end that way. SMH. I honestly do not think I want to read the next one. How about you?

Sometimes I have a really difficult time letting go. If there is only one left then I can skim through it. If there are two then I will just read reviews.

Sighssssss I do want to know how this terrible world ends. And it better end in flames. It better not win. I will be SO mad if nothing happens and everything ends the same and Darrow dies for nothing. Nope. I’ll fling the book! Soooo I’ll play it by ear when the next one comes out ;) Hopefully it is the final one.

Ugh, that would be soooooo depressing!!! After everything he dies and nothing changes! I feel that these planets need someone *coughs* like the Emperor to hold everyone in check. AT least it sort of worked then ;) Darrow for Emperor. And there is another trilogy when someone takes him down. Ok let aliens come and wipe them all out.

Hahaha. That would be fun! Darrow would crumble though too many enemies.

True. I am sad. I liked the trilogy cos it was dark and bloody and I was all WAR!!!! Bloodlust!!! And this one felt like politics and bureaucracy.

I can see that. I am bummed too because all the others were good. Nothing great, but this one? Super boooo. The first half had me hooked, but then things fell apart for me. He should’ve ended after 200 and the rest could’ve been part of the final book (a more edited version).

Gosh, yes it was way too long. Almost 600 pages of boring. No thanks. I say that read the trilogy and then do NOT continue.

Agreed. Not worth it. Maybe skip this and read the next one (maybe - it hasn’t come out yet).

I was reading an interview, 2 more, sigh, 2 freaking more. Oh and there might be a tv series, damn, that will be bloody and considering there are rapes there too...maybe too dark for telly. It has to be adult then, considering that this is YA.
Oh oh, how is this still YA? Everyone was adults now! As they were before too when thinking of it

OH.MY.GOD. 2 MORE????? Ugh. I am curious about the TV series tho...maybe a Netflix show or something? Too bloody to be put on TV unless it is a late night show. Mhmmm intriguing.
AND I forgot this was a YA to be honest. Woah...he certainly has pushed the limits of the genre. *blink* *blink* Sooooo much blood.

A 33 year old main character, yup very YA ;)
But I still want to know what happens! I will skim the last one. The second one I can read reviews of

That might be the plan. Skip the next one and read the final. HAHAHA we are horrible people.

But then again, we have read 4 books for this. We should continue. Put on a brave face and just do it

I guesssssssss we came this far I suppose. Maybe I’ll just read Darrow’s POV. Skip the rest. I do not care about them AT all.

Yes, Darrow only! We have a deal. And so sorry for picking a crappy one but we read the previous ones. Sigh. Hope is evil

Hope is evil. BUT who knows? Maybe the next two will be good? This was just a crap on in the series? I’ve experienced that before. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!!!!!! THE PINKS WILL RISE AGAIN!

Power to the pinks!


Lol, time is running way. SO the end?

Yesss, the end! Until next time!

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Blodeuedd said...

We are cursed

Carole Rae said...

Sighs...we are

Anachronist said...

This series should have been aborted like three books ago...

Carole Rae said...

LOL I agree....I feel like the series should've been two books long.