Tuesday, March 6

Time for TV Tuesday: Bitten (Season 1)

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Bitten (Season 1)

I've watched this show before a while back after reading the books. I decided I was in the mood to watch it again. Not sure why...but why not? 

The show follows Elena who is the only female wolf in the world who is now trying to live a normal life. She was turned against her will and she is over the werewolf world in all its darkness. Do you blame her? I would be so over it after all the intrigue and killing and morphing. Elena through a pack member's death is forced to come back and help the pack deal with this drama. 

The books were okay and this was okay too. I am intrigued by this world. It is not original, but it does have a lot of original rules and aspects. The biggest one is that werewolves are always men. The gene follows ONLY male babies and whenever a female gets bitten they usually die. Elena is a rare case. For some reason she survived and now she is the only one in existence. I also found the pack rules interesting and different. A fun twist on the age old story of werewolves hiding among us. 

Poor Elena....I feel SO bad for her. She just wants to live in the city with her human boyfriend. She was turned against her will and I would be pissed if I was her too. However, when you find out WHY it happened then you do have to forgive the responsible party. It was the only choice at this point. 

Season 1 starts off right away. The drama is rarely paused. I liked it because it didn't take away from character building or world-building. However, there were some things that I felt needed some more explaining at the beginning. We get a lot of answers as things go along. 

Oooooh a handful of actors made me wince. The rest did well. But there were some (and I'll leave that a surprise until you watch it) that really needed to learn how to express more emotion. Sometimes the dialogue didn't help...very cheesy lines thrown about, but a good actor can make it a hair less cheesy. 

The show does follow the books decently, but they did take some major liberties. HOWEVER, the majority worked well. I did enjoy the expansion on a character who died pretty instantly in the book. It did add an extra layer of story and I enjoyed it. 

Overall, season 1 was okay. From my memory season 2 is better. I'll be watching sooner or later so I'll see if my memory is correct. I'll stamp this one with 3 stars. Some good, some bad. 


Melliane said...

It was ok for me. Not awesome, not really bad, just ok

Blodeuedd said...

I never watched more than one ep :( And that guy was so no clay

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, agreed. Just okay.

B, I agree. I mean...he's okay...but not AT ALL what I envisioned.