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Saturday Movie Night - Special Edition: Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

This month we have a special edition of Saturday Movie Night! We will be discussing "Gilmore Girls - A Year in the Life"! This is a TV movie series that is pretty much a continuation of the TV show. 

Title:  Gilmore Girls -  A Year in the Life
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama 
Running Time: 1 hour and 37 minutes
Rating: TV - 14
Released: 2016

Set nearly a decade after the finale of the original series, this revival follows Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore through four seasons of change.


C: Now...this was a long time coming! I have been waiting for years for them to give some sort of closure/continuation of the show!
B: I can honestly not remember the end of the last season so for me it was a pleasant surprise. C: I remember a wee bit. It's been SO I think I forgot a lot. B: Eh, new eps, new life, all the better :D C: Valid, valid. Now. What did you think about the structure of each episode/movie? Each one was over an hour long and took place in each season.
B: They did feel looong, I would rather have had more eps. Now they were mini movies and sort of slow at times. But I did like the seasonal thing. C: I think I would have preferred more episodes instead of short movies. I liked how they structured each piece IE Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. However, you are right...some parts dragged...especially in the first and last one. B: They all blur together now, do I can not remember what dragged, except for the musical, snooooooze fest C: . I hated the musical part. was so unnecessary to the whole plot. Ugh. I get that the one song had “meaning” and blah blah blah, but they could have cut out the rest of the musical bits. Too long. B: It felt like they had nothing else to show so they invented that stupid musical! I was not really a fan of the Wild thing either. C: MMhmmmm I was neutral. I hated how it made Luke feel. But I think it was good for her...GAH so hard not to give spoilers….as a character. B: You know what, speaking of that, I am not a fan of them. They make me feel meh. I always wanted them to date but when they finally did I was all eh, bored now. C: Hahaha you are bad ;) I like Luke a lot. However, I am not the biggest fan of Lorelai (*gasps ensue*) I know, I know...she is like the main character next to Rory. But...I feel like she treats Luke like crap. And she horrid to her parents (which I get they have a bad relationship, but eh). B: No comment on the parents, they have a bad relationship. As for her and Luke, well I still remember what he said. I take care of mine, you take care of yours. That had to stung. I also felt like they had grown apart. Sad but true. But the end gave me hope C: LOL the parents are stupid, but the whole funeral scene was so wow. You can’t think of one thing? ONE THING? >_< Yes, what Luke said wasn’t nice. BUT that was their original plan set down by Lorelai. They have separate lives and they come together at nighttime and sleep. I think they are both selfish people….but Lorelai is worse. She only ever considers Rory. Don’t mind my deep rooted contempt of her. XD B: LOL, OMG. Let us agree to disagree, I like Lorelai more than Rory ;) I think Rory was a leaf in the wind in these eps. How could she be so unsuccessful? C: Haha. Finnneeeee ;) I like Rory, but she bugs me with her love issues. I’m not sure how I feel how they made her unsuccessful and flighty. It seems SO not her. B: I thought she would be on top of the world, and she was just SO not. I did like her storyline in that aspect. I expected more. C: In a way, it made the show more interesting to see her be at her lowest. It was not AT all what I was expecting. B: True, it made for a good story, but it was just so not her. Not even to mention her lovelife, wtf, not cool. C: Yesss! It killed me! Like….WTF? WHY? Rory is not a stupid girl...but she acted SO stupid. The ending. GRRRR! B: That ending messed it up! I did NOT like it. It felt cliche and ugh no. I have seen that. C: Sad thing is I totally called it was going to happen, but I didn’t think they actually would do it. There was a huge foreshadow about 15 mins before the ending. I legit said, “No...they better not.” ugh and they did it. No. B: We all know how the history will end… C: Yup….I can already see how the future eppies are going to end up looking like. Sighs. However, I am a fan I know I’ll watch it. B: I will watch too, but I am not looking forward to it now C: Nope. Same here. BTW - which of Rory’s bfs was/is your favorite and least favorite? My favorite was Jess (I liked Dean a lot too) and my least favorite is Logan. My hatred for Logan is like a dead red rose…..lolllll

B: I lost all respect for Logan. I did not like how she and Dean had that thing. I am not really a fan of her and Jess, but he is her Luke and after she has tried a few they will end up together. I want a new boyfriend, and not Paul ;) C: Paul? Who’s that?.......BAHAHAHA! I think I’m funny today. But I can get behind a new and better BF for Rory B: That was honestly so weird, poor Paul. C: Hahaha I thought it was hilarious. XD Mainly bc I had an ex with that name and he was nice like him, but forgettable. I barely can even remember what he looks like. B: Bad you ;) Done? C: I’m done. It was good, but it could have been better. Hopefully the next eppies don’t do what I think they are going to do. B: We can only hope C: *fingers crossed* The end? B: The end

Overall, I feel this was pretty good. There some meh parts, but overall it was a good watch especially for fans of the original show. The ending though killed me. I can't say what or why....but ugh. There are so many spoilers I could give you or accidentally give away. So, I well end it with my stamp. I shall divide each episode and give an overall:

Winter - 5
Spring - 4
Summer - 3
Fall - 3
Overall - 4


Reece Darlene said...

When did you finish the series? I thought you watched it relatively recently? How did you not rewatch it to prepare for the revival? How could yyou forget the beautiful ending of season 7? I feel bad that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino didn't get to write out the end of their show as they planned, but I didn't hate season 7, and I actually thought that it was a nice way to end things.

I'm surprised you preferred the 2nd and 3rd episodes (or found them quicker paced). Amy wrote Winter and Fall, while Spring and Summer were written by Dan. Personally I felt that the difference in writing was super easy to tell, and I wish Amy would have just gone solo on the whole revival.

In my opinion, even though Luke stated that it was Lorelai's idea, he was the one who started the "what's yours is yours, what's mine is mine" thing when April showed up on the scene. I don't feel like that's something you can blame on Lorelai.

With exception to the funeral thing, I felt like Lorelai showed a lot of growth in the revival as far as her parents (mother) was concerned. I know exactly how she feels towards her mother, she's just more vocal than I could ever dream of being.

I preferred Rory up until she started being a flighty ho. The stuff with Dean then being a doormat for Logan, to being an airhead and dropping out of college. At that point I really stopped caring about her character.

I liked that the Wild plot led Lorelai to tell the beautiful, heartfelt Richard story, because it was a part of their relationship we never got to see before it ended and Ed Herrman died.

I was less disappointed about Rory not being sucessful professional (as she did kind of pick a bad career for the turn of the century). But her "other woman" ho-ness was too fucking much. Even if you can't get over or move past an ex, that doesn't mean you have to sleep over and encourage him to fuck around on his fiance and have him spend a bunch of money and time on you.

I hated the "full circle" concept, I thought it was a cop out. But since those are the words Amy always dreamed of, I felt like we have to accept it. But I think it's important to remember, Amy dreamed of those words for 22 year old Rory, which if you pretend in your mind that she's 22, not 32, I think her shitty behavior is a little more ... tolerable.

And I wouldn't hold your breath for future episodes. This was the TV movie(s) we were promised, and we were never promised anything else. And considering your opinions on what revival we did get I'm surprised you'd personally hope for any additional episodes.

How can you say Jess is your favorite if you don't realize his name isn't Jesse?

As much as I am Team Jess, I also have decided that I'm Team Jess Deserves Better. He deserves better than a girl who got caught up with a guy who changed the core of herself. He deserves a girl who isn't, potentially, going to ask him to raise another man's kid, when he could have been her man all along.

Carole Rae said...

Thanks for reading and posting! The "Jess/Jesse" thing was a typo. XD We type quickly and whatnot when discussing.

Carole Rae said...

Also, I haven't watched the last season in a few years. I've watched other seasons (mainly with you) here and there. But I tend to avoid the last season.

Anachronist said...

I am not a fan of tv, especially tv series. They are so time-consuming...

Blodeuedd said...


Carole Rae said...

Ana, I love TV! Sometimes more than movies

B, *waves*