Tuesday, December 27

Book Review: Prodigal Son by Debra Mullins

Author: Debra Mullins
Title: Prodigal Son (Truth Seers #1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance & Fantasy
Pages: 368
First Published: October 1st 2013
Where I Got It: My shelf (B&N)

Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is a Seer, descended from the fabled Atlanteans. He uses his inherited power to “see” criminals across the globe and track them down, and he’s just started on a new case. Danny Cangialosi is accused of disappearing with a stolen car…but for the first time in his life, when Rafe goes looking, he is unable to “see” him. Instead, his search leads him to Danny’s stubborn, meddling, and very cute stepsister, Cara McGaffigan.

Cara is looking for Danny, too, but not to turn him in. He is her brother, after all, and she’s convinced he has a good heart. If she can just find him before the cops do, she’ll figure out a way to get him out of this. But Cara didn’t count on a scorching-hot bounty hunter getting in her way. 

Despite instant chemistry, Rafe and Cara know they’re never going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Danny. What they don’t know is that Danny didn’t just steal a car—he stole a precious stone, a stone right out of the legends of Atlantis. It holds powers they can only dream of…and its owner wants it back.

This blew past my expectations! I thought I was going to mildly like this book, but it turns out I actually loved it. What? Yes. 

Now, this story follows Rafe who has some powers that he uses for his bounty hunter gig. Cara is a smart business owner who is looking for her stepbrother who skipped bail. Rafe, oddly enough, is assigned this case and is hunting down Cara’s brother. They meet up and decide to team up to find him. There is more at play that they both don’t understand. The brother stole a magical stone and is now being hunted down. 

The plot seems simple on the surface, but after reading it the plot is a lot deeper than I imagined. And that made me happy! Rafe is not the only one with powers. His family has powers too and so do some others. Their powers stem from the lost city of Atlantis. His family and a few others are descendants of the few survivors. This was a cool concept and I’m excited to learn more about Rafe, his family, and the others. I am especially interested in Gray. He seemed to be a baddie, but he isn’t. He is just a guy with his own agenda. I like characters like that. He seems complex and I am curious. He does have a book in the future, so I want to read that. The next book is about Rafe’s brother, Darius, and that seems like it will be interesting too because Darius has some issues. 

There was insta-lust in this, but it took FOREVER for any sort of love to happen. I’m cool with that. They have a lot of things to sort out, so lust first is totally fine. I would have lust if I stumbled into Rafe. Big ol’ bounty hunter who is hot? Who wouldn’t!?

You can tell I like Rafe. However, he was an asshat when things got too real/feely and he had an issue trusting himself and his powers, so he likes to push people away. Which you can’t blame him for his feelings…he did hurt people he cared about when he was younger and didn’t have full control of his powers. 

Cara has some issues since her parents died and all she has is a deadbeat stepbrother who she can’t help but love. She also had a failed engagement to super jerk who used her to only get some shares and partial ownership of her company. However, a part of her is still in love with him. Without these two things she would pretty much be a perfect character. She’s smart and pretty and understanding and not too slutty, but good in bed. Thank goodness she has some flaws or I would’ve been annoyed at her. *wipes sweat from brow* 

But yes, these two have issues. 

My only issue with the story was the main baddie. I don’t understand him or his powers. Maybe it’ll be better explained in the next one. One can always hope.

In the end, this was really good. I loved the world and I am curious to learn more! The concept is super interesting and unique. Yes, there is romance, but it doesn’t take over the plot. Super insta-lust, but better than insta-love. There are some external issues happening and some internal with all the characters. I want to read the next one. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 5.