Friday, December 30

Book Review: Unexpected Gifts by Bronwyn Green

Author: Bronwyn Green
Title: Unexpected Gifts
Genre: Romance & Short Story
Pages: ebook
First Published: November 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

Feeling sorry for herself, Cassie Williams plays sick to skip out of her family’s Christmas Eve gathering. She loves her family, but on the heels of a divorce and her ex’s new engagement, an evening of togetherness is the last thing she wants. 

Long-time friend, Sam MacLane has been in love with Cassie for years, and he isn’t about to let her have her pity party. There’s a blizzard on the way, and Sam shows up on her doorstep—bearing gifts.... 

I love Sam and Cass! I think they are my favorite couple of the year. I wish this was not a short story, I want more backstory and I want to see what happens next.

Okay…let me back-up.

Cass just got a divorce and is all alone this Christmas, so Sam decides to pay her a visit to make sure she is okay. Now, Sam is her brother’s longtime childhood friend. Cass has always loved him and Sam has always loved her. However, they were never together for many different reasons, but sometimes Christmas miracles exist. They realize this is their last shot since they are both single and there is a horrid blizzard going on and Sam can’t leave. They give in and you know the rest.

I liked this story a lot even though it was kinda creepy! Sam is like a carbon copy of an old crush of mine. 0_0 Also, this is set in Michigan (which is the state I live in)! WEIRD! All weird, but still a fun read even though it reminded me of said person. But of course I liked him xD 

I liked Cass even though it was annoying how she thought Sam was just pitying her. Girl...there are levels of pity out there and him making out with you and visiting you during a blizzard is not pity at all! If he wanted to pity you he would've sent some flowers saying, "Sorry your ex was a big butt. Better luck next time." SMH. But I get it...if my crush suddenly was all over me randomly I would've been not believing it either. I liked her overall though.

Overall, this was a cute short story about two people who have finally found each other after years of denying their love for each other. The characters were fun. A cute romance set during xmas time. In the end, I'll stamp this with 4 stars. 


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Xmas time oh xmas time :D

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