Sunday, December 25

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!

Merry Holidays everyone from here in Michigan! Rei, Toki, and Mamyia have had a long day of being spoiled! Bloody hard to get decent photos of them. But they finally submitted to my will. LOL! Also, scroll down for some excellent news in the life of Carole Rae! Yes, nothing crazy and I normally avoid personal posts, but its been an exciting month or so!

And yes! I do have exciting news as well. First, I have finally graduated from college!! It took 6 damn years to get this degree. I am besides myself with joy! My diploma for my bachelor's will be here sometime in January! Pictures will for sure pop up! I'm still waiting on details of me walking in a gap and gown. 

Also, my longtime boyfriend nearly popped the question...he gave me a promise ring. Yes, yes, not as exciting, but alas it is a promise that once things settle down for us and we are ready we will get engaged and then someday married. So exciting!!! Yes, yes I am hearing the eye-rolling about how lame Promise Rings are. However, it is a huge step for us! Especially for him since he was so anti-marriage for the longest time. Plus its jewelry and what girl doesn't love a physical reminder of their love with someone? hehe. Oh and yes, my nails are totally awesome. ;) Thanks in advance! #inthechristmasspiritthisyear It is hard to tell in the photo, but the ring is a lily (my second favorite flower) with a pearl on the inside. My mom helped boyfriend pick it out. LOL!

Happy Holidays everyone! Much love from here in the States. <3