Friday, September 7

Today in History & Drop it Likes its Hot Hop!

Has nothing to do with nothing, but I find it funny. ^.^

Since I have nothing else to post today and I feel like posting this, I share a 'Today in History' post. ^.^

1813 - US nicknamed 'Uncle Sam'

1776 - American Revolution, World's first submarine attacked

1896 - Electric car wins the first auto race in the US

1864 - American Civil War, Atlanta is evacuated

1950 - Cold War, UN defeats Soviet motion 

1996 - Tupac Shakur is shot

1921 - Flash Flood hits San Antonio

1977 -Panama to control canal

1950 - Julie Kavner, voice of Marge Simpson, is born

1911 - Guillaume Apollinaire is arrested for stealing the Mona Lisa

1936 - Buddy Holly is born

1876 - Minnesotans nearly wipeout the James-Younger Gang

1977 - US, President Carter agrees to transfer Panama Canal back to Panama

1953 - Maureen Connolly wins US Open

1965 - Vietnam War, Marines launch Operation Piranha

1967 - Vietnam War, McNamara Line announced

1914 - WWI, British commander Sir John French issues first dispatch

1940 - WWII, The Blitz begins


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