Monday, September 24

Friday Flash Fiction: Sunday Free-for-All #18

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place posts a picture and on Friday we share a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be about 350 or so words.

This was meant to posted earlier today, but I forgot to schedule it. Hahaha.  Well, here's my FFF for an older picture. When I seen it, I knew I had found a picture to go along with my tale of Lady Chou. This story is special to me and perhaps one day I'll share her whole story with the world in the form of a novel, but for now I shall just give you this little bit. Hope you enjoy.

Lady Chou
by: CaroleRae

“My son, Isao, has dishonored you and this family. I am truly sorry Lady Chou.” Said the honorable Lord Hiroshi Hideki.

Lady Chou sat in silence for a moment. Her stare bore into the table. All her plans were dashed. Everything she worked on was finished. Everything she hoped for and worked wholeheartedly for was over. Where did that leave her?

Finally she took a deep breath, she never moved her eyes, but she softly replied trying to not cry, “Honorable Lord Hiroshi there is no reason for you to apologize. I shall pack my belongings and return back to my father. He has missed me.”

Lord Hiroshi gave a weak, “You do not need to leave right away.”

With a nod Lady Chou replied, “Thank you Lord Hiroshi for your hospitality. You have been ever so kind to me. Please do excuse me, for I would love to walk in the gardens.”

He nodded and waved her away. She stood up and as gracefully as she could manage left the room and made her way to the gardens she so loved since the moment she came here. All the past Lady Hiroshiss added to the garden. The garden was one of largest gardens in all of the kingdom. She would bet it was one of the most beautiful too, perhaps a good contender to the Emperor's garden. Certainly she would miss this garden. With all the different colored flowers and all the lovely butterflies and other winged creatures that visited her on her walks. Sure she would miss the garden with all her heart, but she would mostly miss him...she stopped herself before she thought of him.

With a sigh she picked a flower and smelled it. It helped temporarily eased the pain in her heart from the destruction of her plans due to Isao and his betrayal. She knew she wasn't the most beautiful girl in all the land. Her nickname had been Lady Ga, Lady Moth. They said she wasn't pretty enough to be named after the butterflies. Sometimes she was still called that by others, even though she was an adult and so were they. She took another whiff of the flower before letting it fall to the ground. She turned and found her face to face with him....the man she wished was Isao, but he was unfortunately the second son and not the first son.

“Hasimoto-san” Eiji bowed and looked up at her with a shade of sorrow in his eyes.

“Hiroshi-sama, it is an honor to see you again.” She bowed in return.

Dropping the formalities Eiji grabbed her hands, “Chou, I am so sorry. I know how hurt you must be.”

She smiled, “Eiji...I am fine. I will go home and see if I Lord Komatsu will reopen negotiations for my hand in marriage.”

Eiji frowned, but said nothing. They looked at each other. Since she had arrived two months ago she has been oddly drawn to him. At first she thought it was just friendship and soon to be brother and sister bonds, but she found she truly liked him. In the back of her mind the word “love” swam around. Yes, she was everything she looked for in a man. He was tall, strong-shouldered, strong featured, and with kind eyes that lite up with laughter. He was one of the few who could make her truly smile and giggle. The only thing that kept them apart was the fact that he was the second son, not the first.

“Well, I must begin packing. Good day.” Chou tried to pull her hands away from his, but he tightened his grasp. She looked away. She prayed he wouldn't try to persuade her to not try and marry the elderly Lord Komatsu who was nearly sixty.


“What?” She snapped and looked at him.

His eyebrows came to gather and watched her for a minute. Like she, he was very observant, so when the blush grew on her cheeks, she tried to pull away again. However, he didn't let go. Instead he bent down and brushed her lips with his lips. Unintentionally she moaned and stepped closer to him. Eiji deepened the kiss and wrapped his arms around her. Chou allowed herself a few minutes of pleasure, because she doubted any man could make her feel like this. Feel like she was floating in the sky. Feel like her knees would give way. Make her feel like all those lines in the love poems she highly enjoyed.

Finally, she pulled away. If she wasn't in love with Eiji she would smack him. She wanted to say something witty, but she could only gap like a fish, so she ran off. As she reached the house, she slowed her pace. With a deep breath, she gained her composure and entered the house that was suppose to be hers when Isao returned from business in the north. However a different lady would walk these halls and it would belong to her. Chou felt more helpless then ever, but she would remain strong and find another husband who wasn't Eiji and made her feel such feelings.


“Damn him.” Groaned Chou. All night she was tossing and turning, but she couldn't sleep. The moments in his arms kept flashing in-front of her eyes. She jumped when a voice responded to her curse.

“Thats not very nice Hasimoto-san.”

She gasped, “What are doing here!? In my room!”

Eiji smiled at her and set his cup down, “I'm here to convince you of your foolish plans. I can support you. I maybe a second son, but I have my own earnings. Though it is a little less, it is better then nothing.”

She glared, “You may try, but you will fail Eiji.” Chou could barely believe that she was encouraging this! Her ancestors must turning in their graves.

“Hasimoto-san.” Bowed Eiji.

Lord Hasimoto looked at Eiji, “Ah. It is good to see you young Eiji. The last time I seen you you were just a little baby. Barely a month old.” He chuckled and motioned for Eiji to sit. The chuckle turned to a cough, “You seem very distraught my boy.”

Eiji looked down and took a deep breath, “I am. I am...I will not waste anytime. But Lady Chou must not marry Lord Komatsu.”

Lord Haimoto lifted an eyebrow, “And why ever not?”
“She, well, she....she must marry me.” Eiji looked up after a moment into the kind eyes of Lord Haimoto. Eiji didn't understand where Chou got her serious demeanor from, because her father was cheery man and was more bound to laugh then get angry.

With a chuckle, “I agree. However, my little Chou is bent on marrying the old fool. I can force her to remove herself from this path if you give me a good reason.”

“I love her.”

“And? Love means little when it comes to life.”

“I have money and I can support her.”

“Yes, so? Lord  Komatsu can support her and love her too.”

“I...she...I do not mean to dishonor you or Lady Chou. But I must be honest. I love her and want her. She gave herself to me, so I must make it right and marry her.”

“Figured as much. Though I am disappointed that she used you thus, I shall deny her marriage Lord Komatsu and have her marry you. You were brave to come here with such honesty. Lucky I am not a vengeful man and she doesn't have brothers, so the worst punishment I can bestow is Chou's anger, because you are to be the messenger and inform her. Hope she doesn't kill the messanger.”

Eiji grinned widely, “Thank you so much Hasimoto-sama!”



Blodeuedd said...

I am evil, I kind of hoped they would not end up together (I mean I wanted it) but hey drama ;)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh I was hoping they would. But she is going to be mad for a time. :) Great story. :)

Carole Rae said...

B, hahaha you evil lady you!

Melissa, Thanks! Ooooh, mad she shall be.