Friday, September 21

A Late Thursday Book Teaser: To Catch a Wolf

Thursday Book Teaser is a Carole-version of all the other book teaser memes out there. Every Thursday, I'll share a little tease of a book I'm currently reading. I'll randomly pick a page or I'll give some random number and flip to that page. I'll just share a few sentences to try and tease you. Anyone can join in! Just remember spoilers! By the way this picture I found on Google and edited it myself.

Sorry about being late with this post. I completely forgot about it yesterday. I was so busy with work and then coming home to do chores and whatnot for my bonfire on Saturday. I'm surprised I remembered today to have this posted! Oh well. ^.^ At least I remembered. 

This week I'll be sharing a little teaser from 'To Catch a Wolf' by Susan Krinard. I literally flipped to a random page, then closed my eyes and let my finger land on a random word/sentence to start on. 

Page number: 234
Starting at Sentence: 8

"...The full weight of Niall's threats pushed Athena deep into the chair, paralyzed her will as the accident had stilled her legs. She could see no way out. If she defied Niall, she would lose everything - all she had worked for, the funding for her charities, the ball, her place in Denver....and Morgan's life as well...."

That's all I'm going to tease you guys with...I feel like a major spoiler lies behind this and I don't want to spoil anything for you or for me (I'm WAAAAY near the beginning).