Thursday, September 13

Thursday Book Teaser #7: Through a Glass Darkly

Thursday Book Teaser is a Carole-version of all the other book teaser memes out there. Every Thursday, I'll share a little tease of a book I'm currently reading. I'll randomly pick a page or I'll give some random number and flip to that page. I'll just share a few sentences to try and tease you. Anyone can join in! Just remember spoilers! By the way this picture I found on Google and edited it myself.

Happy Thursday everyone! How is everyone doing? The weekend is nearly here, so don't you all fret! Well, my luck has not changed. I'm still fighting the State of Michigan for my right of unemployment. The ball is in their court right now (ha), but by the time they grant me my unemployment money, I'll probably be working again. *sighs* 

Well, I am half tempted to drag myself to Taco Bell and see if they'll re-hire me. The old General Manager isn't there anymore, so maybe I'll actually like it there. At the Grand Opening of Shopko I ran into an old work buddy from Taco Bell. We talked a while and she half convinced me to give Taco Bell a shot. "What can it hurt?" She said to me. I left them on decent turns (I only gave them a week notice instead of two), so perhaps the new General Manager will give me a shot. I'm not sure. I'm still keeping my hopes up for the receptionist position at a law firm or a hosting job at Silver Grill. I would really prefer one of those two. However, in this economy I can not be picky. 

Sorry for the rant above, but I needed to get it off my chest and put my feelings into words. I'll be talking more about it on my other blog; which I've highly neglected. You can click THIS and be transported there. It's just a personal blog I created a while ago. ANYWAYS, shall we get with the teasing?

This week I'll be sharing a snipbit from Through a Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen. 

Page Number: 84
Starting at sentence: 5
Chapter: 3

"...'No! Do not deny it, Roger. Tell me you fallen madly in love.'

Roger shook his head, amused rather than irritated by Carlyle's theatrics. Tomorrow, he knew, various rounds of conversion would be repeated in the coffeehouses, and by evening in the drawing rooms. It was inevitable. 

'All I know,'Carlyle was saying, 'is that I must see this vision for myself. Not that I will. Diana despises me. When is the happy bridal?'

'I leave that to the lawyers and my prospective bride's family. I simply want the affair settled before I go to France so that I may leave some instructions with my bankers. I would like to start building roads by spring-'

'France! Roads! Spring! Do stop and explain yourself, dear boy. You will leave this treasure behind? A honeymoon in France would be quite romance.'

'I am too old for romance. And she is only a child. She can wait. The regent has invited me to Carnival, and I find myself yearning to see Paris, and so to visit the homes of my friends there. And Italy beckons. Burlington has just come from there. He says the villas are magnificent. I want to build the most beautiful house London has ever seen. Before Burlington does.'

'Then you ought to know that one hears Lady Saylor has had the land surveyed.'

Roger had been relaxed in his chair. Now he straightened up. Several different emotions chased themselves quickly across his face. Carlyle waited with interest; he loved to watch Roger's face....."



Ruth said...

I hope and pray that things will work out for you. The book does sound interesting. Glad you could get that rant off your chest!

Carole Rae said...

Thanks Ruth. I pray everyday for strength to get through this tough time. Thank goodness for books, because it is a brief escape from reality.

Blodeuedd said...

Making a sad face again cos of your old employer. Anyway I hope Taco Bell gives you a chance if you go there

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll get rehired at Taco Bell! :) As for the snippit, I might have to check this out it sounds pretty interesting :) Although I'm not the biggest historical fiction fan so I might be on the fence about it but thanks for sharing! :)

Carole Rae said...

Thanks Eileen! Yeah, I got hired by Subway yesterday but at one 40 minutes away. I'm not sure if they'll give me enough hours, so I'm still looking and hoping they'll give me a call. Thank you for stopping by!

Carole Rae said...

B, *sad face* Yeah I hope they give me a shot too!