Tuesday, September 25

News & Bookish Blog Hop Party!

Well, I have nothing to really post today, so I'll just post this today due to the fact that school starts today. Yayy *sarcasm*. I am excited, however, that I have first official teacher class! That means I'm a wee bit closer to my goal of becoming a teacher. ^.^ Here's a list of the class I'll be taking this semester:

~Intro to Education (woot woot!)
~Intermediate Algebra (last math class) 
~Prin Macroeconomics (...)
~International Relations (eh)

Wish me luck! I fear that this semester is going to kick my rump a wee bit. I shall apologize now...I fear my posting and reading free-time will be diminished slightly. Never fear though. I shall not abandon you all. 

Make sure to leave your bookish link below in the appropriate area! We have linkies for book posts (ie book reviews, author interviews, etc), your goodreads account (or any other book website), and a link to your book giveaway or a friend's book giveaway.
This is open for one week! 9/25 - 10/1

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Blodeuedd said...

Ugh math, I am so glad I do not have to take on of those again :) (cos I suck)

Good luck! I just finished, hopefully, my last essay today

Carole Rae said...

Ugh! I agree! This is my last math class, so all is well. lol.

Thanks! Good luck! AT least one of will be done.