Thursday, August 2

Thursday Book Teaser #2: The Highlander's Touch

Thursday Book Teaser is a Carole-version of all the other book teaser memes out there. Every Thursday, I'll share a little tease of a book I'm currently reading. I'll randomly pick a page or I'll give some random number and flip to that page. I'll just share a few sentences to try and tease you. Anyone can join in! Just spoilers! FYI, I still don't have a meme cover for this, so...yeah. haha.

This week I'll share a teaser from 82 starting from 'The Highlander's Touch' by Karen Marie Moning.

"She knew that sealing an agreement was no small matter to a knight, so she extended her hand for the seal of a handshake, not realizing how thoroughly modern-day the gesture was.

He eyed it for a moment, took it, then pressed it to his lips and kissed it.

Lisa snatched back her hand with a scowl. Heat tingled where his lips had brushed her skin.

'You offered it,' he snapped.

'That wasn't what I - oh forget it,' Lisa floundered, then explained,'We don't kiss hands in my time -"

'But we are not in your time. You are in my time now, lass. I cannot stress that enough how important it is for you to remember that, at all times'...."

I wish I could continue on that tease, but I stopped myself short. *sighs* I do really like Circenn. 



Blodeuedd said...

Though I must say that she annoys me, I'd swoon if a guy kissed my hand

Carole Rae said...

Normally I would too, lol, but I can see her not because he has a vow to kill her. :)