Monday, August 6

2012 Summer Olympics Love it or Hate it

Yes, normally, I share some music videos, but I'm feeling like talking about the Olympics, since it's so close to being over.....

Hard to believe it but the Olympics are nearly over. seems to just fly by this year! Well, to be honest I really don't watch the Olympics. I watch the Opening Ceremony and the parade of nations most definitely, but when it comes to the sports....well....not so much. I like the swimming and baseball (which wasn't even at the games this year), but I find it rather boring and a giant pun. These games bring all these countries together for "peace" but we are still competing and "fighting for the gold". I feel like Nigahiga's video sums up my opinion in a sorts. Well, it's funny and you'll like it. ^.^:

As you all know that the Olympics was held in London, England. Since I simply adore the Opening Ceremonies, I want to share a couple reasons why I simply loved England's this year:

  • it was very different and original
  • it focused on the more cultural history of the country, ie music, philosophy, and whatnot
  • There was music
  • James Bond and the Queen!
  • The little kids from each country within the country singing, it was cute.
  • Elton John's guest appearance as a performer
  • the torch lighting! It rocked!
What did you guys like and didn't like about the Olympics this year or in general? 



Blodeuedd said...

I watched the opening ceremony but that was it. We suck so much at the summer Olympics and never wing much :/

And well so many sports are frankly boring

Anyway Bond and the Queen!!!

Carole Rae said...

Yeah they are rather boring. :I

BOND AND THE QUEEN! I loved it so much!