Monday, February 27

Stumble Upon Monday (1) + Karma Media

 Instead of doing Music Monday this week, I'm going to be posting this meme. Why? Well, I have nothing really to share this week, music-wise. Sorry. :( Good news though! A few days ago I was asked to join Karma Media.

Karma Media is a group of women who love books and are trying to give new books and new authors some airtime. We are still in the beginning phases, but once the group takes shape I bet it'll be an AMAZING! I'm already having so much fun, playing with ideas and helping this group form. Anyways, Stumble Upon Monday is a weekly meme created by a fellow Karma Media chicka. ^.^

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When I get home from work, I'll post a post for the Oscars! You know, announce the winners and share some highlights and pictures. ^.^


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