Thursday, February 2

Movie Review: Knocked Up

Length: 133 mins (unrated)
Released: 2007
Genre: Comedy, Romance Comedy, Drama 

Rating: R, sexual content, drug use, and bloody language
Directed By: Judd Apatow
Where I Got It: Borrowed from Library

Knocked Up is a romantic comedy about two complete opposites who get, well, knocked up. They had a one night-stand and Allison (Heigel) becomes pregnant. Allison works at a pretty good job, she's a reporter for the E! Channel, while Ben (Rogen) is a pot-head Canadian, who doesn't have much ambitiion in life. How will this "couple" come together? How will two opposite worlds raise this baby thats on the way?

This movie stars a lot of familar faces. The oddly cute Seth Rogen (Superbad, The Green Hornet) as Ben Stone, the lovely Katherin Heigel (27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth) as Allison Scott, Paul Rudd (I Love You Man, The 40 Year-Old Virgin) as Pete, Leslie Mann (George of the Jungle, 17 Again) as the over-bearing Debbie, the always funny Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as Jason, Jonah Hill (Moneyball, How to Train Your Dragon) as Jonah, and to see the rest click HERE!

I finally sat down and watched this from beginning to end! Brownie points for me!

Anyways, this was a really funn movie. I mean all the snipbits that've seen previously was funny, buuut it's even more funny when you actually sit down and watch this from beginning to end. I loved how different the two main characters where and how "hopeless" the situation seemed. Allison was slightly "famous" and had pretty decent job and Ben was a pot-head who had no ambitions for life. 

I knew that these two would end up together to raise their kids, but it just seemed impossible. The writers did a fantastic job to make the ending result seem possible and realistic! Nothing just magically fixed itself. Both of the main characters had to change while the baby grew inside the womb. Big applauds to the writers!

It may have been a little vulgar in some people's eyes, because of the language and the drugs, but it, in an odd way, captured life today in the United States. There was a hidden message under all that comedy. Love can conquer all. Even though they got knocked up before they fell in love, they still found out that they were made for each other. It took pretty much nine months for that to happen, but they found happiness with each other and their oopsie-baby. 

I can't really think of something that I didn't like about the movie. The acting was good, the writing was good, and it was super funny! Even the sidecharacters were well developed and had their hilarious moments. The sideline stories made me laugh and 'awwwww'. There isn't really much I can say negative about this movie. *thinks* Nothing really comes to mind...

All-in-all, this was a funny movie that had an underlying message. The actors/actresses were great, the writing was great, the storyline was great, and I found that the secret message was great. I have no choice but to grant this 5 stars! Woot woot! I would recommend this to those who loves a good romantic comedy. 

Would I re-watch?: 

Favorite Character(s): Jason (hahaha, love him), Ben (oddly adorable), and Allison (I found a lot of similarities with her)
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Debbie (I just wanted to slap her, I felt so bad for her Hubby)
Favorite Quote(s): Pete - "Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn't last 22 minutes. It lasts forever."

Ben to Debbie - " Look, Debbie. You are high off your a$$ if you think you're coming into that room. If you take one step towards that door, I will tell security there's a crazy chick in a pink dress snatching up babies, ok? So don't even try to come into that room, that's my room now. That little area with the Pepsi machine, that's your area. My room, your area, stay in your area, stay out of my room, back... the... [fudge]... off."



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