Wednesday, February 15

6 Facts About Me

No one tagged me, in reality, but this is my formulation, so I'll go first. hahaha. I have the guidelines below...

-Make mention of the person who tagged you and give a link to their blog/6 facts post
-Your 6 facts can be ANYTHING! Just make it appropriate for your readers.
-Pictures are a nice addition, but not mandatory
- Tag at least 6 people (you can tag more if you like) and inform the person you tagged that you tagged them
-You don't have to tag anyone, but it would be nice if you did ^.^
-Make mention of the guidelines in your 6 facts post
-have fun with this! It's a game and games are meant to be fun!

Now here are my 6 facts about me! I'll make mention of those who are lucky enough (or cursed) to be tagged at the end!

The bottom, right of my jaw is double-jointed and so is my ring finger on my right hand. ^.^

I'm a total nerd! I love Lord of the Rings, Dragonball Z, a couple other random Animes, fantasy novels, history, and etc. Many people have a hard time believing how nerdy I can be when I let the inner nerd out!

I am the living version of the cookie monster. COOKIES NUM NUM!

I love history (as stated above)! I am a total history nerd! My favorite time periods would have to be early 19th century, late 18th century, Ancient times, and the 1940s.

I strongly believe in reincarnation.

I'm a worry-wart. I can't help it! I just care too much about certain things. Lately, I've been a lot better since I've kept myself pre-occupied. Like working out, the blog, school, work, and just keeping my mind active. It'll work for all you worry-warts!

That's enough about me. Let's see who's going to be tagged! *squeals* I added a couple extra, just...because I can. 

I pray to read your 6 facts! If you weren't tagged, don't feel so bad you can start your own chain of tags! Or you could just post a comment below about 6 random facts about you. ^.^



Blodeuedd said...

Hihi, omg we are so alike! Huge nerd here too, cookies!!!!!! History =love. I worry all the time too and yup I do believe in reincarnation. There is this one thing that was just so familliar

SF said...

cool! we'll post ours soon :)

Carole Rae said...

B, =D Maybe we knew each other in a past life?? ;) ;) :D COOKIES ARE AMAZING!

Susan, I can't wait to read it! ^.^

Hanna said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments onmy blog lately Carole!!! SO nicegettingto know you a little better here:)

xooxo Hanna

Carole Rae said...

Hi Hanna! No problem! I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by!